Digital Ads license for Web fonts

Digital Ads license for Web fonts in online advertising

The right typography plays a crucial role in advertising. The new “Digital Ads” licensing model is tailored to web font use, with very favorable terms and a custom EULA (end user license agreement).

HTML5 instead of Flash

Online advertising is obviously a component of any campaign. Moving elements not only attract attention, but blur the boundary between movie and image. Flash was the format of choice for online ads for many years. Especially since Google’s recent decision not to accept any more Flash files, however, the more modern and flexible HTML5 has replaced the proprietary Flash format.
These HTML5 ads display directly in the browser like websites, without a plug-in, on desktop or mobile systems. HTML5 files are smaller compared to Flash and conserve resources in the browser. They can also be responsive and adapt to the output format. In this way, one file simultaneously serves different formats, which is not the case for Flash. And last but not least, search engines can index the text in HTML5 ads without problems.

Advantages of the new Web font license for Digital Ads

The completely different implementation and application patterns of these online ads compared to websites necessitates a new Web font license. The use of fonts is adapted to the digital delivery of the digital Ads. It is not restricted to the websites owned by the licensee, but is permitted for the so-called advertising networks. You can even share your fonts with advertising providers for the creation of ads (you are responsible for sharing the fonts).

Another important aspect of the Digital Ads license takes into account the page impressions, which can vary enormously compared to a website. Ads generally have a short but intensive period of use. Long-term website licenses are simply too expensive for this scenario. The Digital Ads licenses solve this problem. Affordable packages for 1, 4 or 10 million ad impressions are available. Alternatively, you can start with an arbitrary number. If you are unable to estimate the required ad impressions before you start the campaign, all packages have the option of automatic extension. This guarantees the use of the Web font until the end of the campaign.

How to find the Web fonts for Digital Ads at

The selection and acquisition of fonts for digital display is no different than in the previous license models. It is a quick and easy process. You’ll find a tab for Digital Ads next to the tabs for Desktop fonts, Web fonts, apps, ePub and servers on the font family page and the product page with the individual style view. You can select the desired license for purchasing there.

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Have questions?

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Digital Ads license model for Web fonts in the Web Fonts for Digital Ads FAQ.
We have also put together for you a detailed overview of our flexible options for font licensing.

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