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New font releases in September 2016

New font arrivals September 2016: The classy, modern Haboro, the sweeping calligraphic Duende, the lively Gaspo Slab and many more fonts

Our latest additions this month include text and headline fonts, small and large families and exquisite calligraphy. Why not experiment and work with new, as yet unknown font designs? You are sure to find something suitable in this collection of fresh, new fonts.

Haboro (insigne)

With Haboro Jeremy Dooley gives a modern appearance to the traditional, classic Didone. An individual character is produced by numerous details in large sizes. This font is very well equipped with nine weights in three widths and can be used in editorial design or for corporate layouts and websites and apps.
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Duende (Aerotype)

Sweeping, very bold letters, rich in contrast, give the classic calligraphic Duende from Stephen Miggas a festive character. The numerous alternative characters allow you to make a logo out of every word.
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Gaspo Slab (Latinotype)

 Gaspo Slab
The appealing curves, humanist shapes and striking ink traps draw attention to the fresh slab serif, Gaspo Slab from Daniel Peralta Casanova. Use the friendly, lively character of the slab serif not just for headings, for instance in magazines or in advertising, but also in corporate design.
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Guess (Deartype)

Its elegant, friendly characteristic style makes the cursive font Guess from Veneta Rangelova an ideal choice for classic and stylish designs. In combination with the geometrically constructed Guess, you can design fashion brands, online appearances or extravagant logos.
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Handelson (Mika Melvas)

In the Handelson family Mika Melvas brings together six fonts, which toy with the character of handwriting. The cursive fonts occasionally display clear traces of brush or marker strokes and the incomplete application of color in the sans also emphasizes the do-it-yourself character of the family.
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Avion Sans (Sergej Lebedev)

 Avion Sans
Letters which are derived from a rectangle with rounded edges give the geometric Avion Sans from Sergej Lebedev a reduced, stencil-like character. Use the technical, futuristic effect of the font for example in logos or captions.
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Artely Inks (Aring Typeface)

 Artely Inks
A flowing, dynamic rhythm characterizes the Artely Inks cursive font from Måns Grebäck. Numerous alternative letters and ligatures assist you in creating individual, varied captions and logos, for instance for menus, bars and bistros.
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Citadina (Graviton)

The slim letters of the Citadina from Pablo Balcells bring a geometric, mechanical, but at the same time neutral flair to the paper. This well-equipped font, with its six weights, not only cuts a fine figure as a headline and logo font, but can also be used easily for short texts.
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Prangs (Sudtipo)

The Prangs, a somewhat playful font, rich in contrasts, from Alejandro Paul is named after Louis Prang, the “father of the American Christmas card”. Three weights and countless, sometimes very ornamental letter alternatives put at your disposal a good and varied range of possibilities, ideal for designing Christmas and greetings cards, but also packaging, logos and brand names.
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Grenale Slab (insigne)

 Grenale Slab
In the Grenale Slab from Jeremy Dooley several round forms and terminals, which recall a cursive font, relieve the generally severe character of a slab serif and give the font its own friendly character. Moreover, the alternative sweeping forms allow you to introduce variety into your design.
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Chercán (PampaType)

Francisco Galvez describes his Chercán font as a mixture of Copperplate and Antique Olive. This combination of traditional and modern, of Sans Serif and Antiqua makes the font extremely legible in small sizes and thanks also to numerous individual letter shapes, the font is given a special, very lively character.
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Deansgate Condensed (K-type)

 Deansgate Condensed
Derived from the font on the road signs in Manchester, Deansgate Condensed provides a neutral, very legible sans, which you can use not only for signaling systems, but also for long texts or logos.
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Viata (Wiescher Design)

With the constructed sans Viata, Gert Wiescher returns to the experimental font design of the Bauhaus epoch. The letters, designed with a shallow top and round bottom, produce an effect which is both modern and at the same time rather traditional, perfect to give your layouts that special flair.
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Suomi Hand Script (Sumi Type Foundry)

 Suomi Hand Script
An infinite number of ligatures give the Suomi Hand Script from Tomi Haaparanta a natural, realistic appearance. Whether on posters, packaging or flyers, Suomi Hand Script is the perfect font to give that personal touch.
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Graced Script (Aring Typeface)

 Graced Script
The widely-spaced letters of the manuscript Graced Script from Måns Grebäck produce a personal, dynamic impression. The numerous letter alternatives make this font perfect for designing word marks.
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Geographica (Three Islands Press)

Brian Willson uses fonts from the famous maps of the English cartographer, Thomas Jefferys as the template for his robust Antiqua Geographica. This font is also perfectly legible in small sizes and is suitable as a text font for books and magazines.
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