New font releases in August 2016

New fonts in August 2016: the unusual, rather craggy sans Rawer, the dynamic Garden Grown script font, the classic Parcival Antiqua and many more fonts

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, and beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Caprizant (Laura Worthington)

Numerous alternative characters with both large and small sweeps and curls give the Caprizant, written with a pointed pen, from Laura Worthington a carefree, lively character. Caprizant can also be used for short texts using the standard letters.
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Rawer (Gaslight Type Foundry)

Geometric, structured shapes give the unusual, somewhat craggy Sans Rawer from Valery Zaveryaev a technical, futuristic feel. As well as the standard fonts, there are also Inline and Stencil versions.
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Garden Grown (Cultivated Mind)

 Garden Grown
In Garden Grown from Cindy Kinash you are offered both a dynamic, almost floral script with numerous alternative letters and a caps font with matching hand-painted letters. Garden Grown can be used, for instance, for cover designs, magazines or posters.
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Felicitas (jfs Fonts)

The letters, rich in contrasts, of the Felicitas quill pen font from John Sherman, are available in a number of alternatives with very sweeping, classic embellishments. This font can be used, for instance, to design individual invitation captions.
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Kinfolk Pro (Fontforecast)

 Kinfolk Pro
The powerful, somewhat rough Kinfolk Pro brush-work font from Hanneke Classen is available in versions with and without internal structure. A friendly script font and numerous stylishly matching ornaments round off the range of characters.
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Filson Soft (Mostardesign Studio)

 Filson Soft
The geometric, structured letters of the Filson Soft from Olivier Gourvat emphasise curves. The slightly rounded terminals, which support the soft character of the universally useful font, are perfect for this.
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Culinary Script (Latinotype)

 Culinary Script
This lively, somewhat playful Culinary Script font from Sofia Mohr has a slightly childish touch and is available both with separate and joined-up letters in various weights. A range of alternative letters helps you to create an individual design.
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Chronica (Mostardesign Studio)

The geometric Sans Chronica from Olivier Gourvat is well equipped for a whole variety of tasks. Use the constructed script with its nine weights, numerous ligatures and various figure sets for example in editorials and in the corporate design sector or for signalization, both in print and on the Web.
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Teco (Gaslight Type Foundry)

Valery Zaveryaev’s structured Teco, constructed from linear elements is available in three versions: as Sans, as Slab Serif and Stencil, which emphasizes the stencil-like character of the font. The distinctive Teco letters show to good advantage, in particular in large sizes, for instance in posters or magazine titles.
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Atocha (Sudtipos)

Inspired by Madrid street life, Joluvian and Alejandro Paul have drawn the dynamic, character-rich brush font, Atocha. Numerous alternative letters and a caps font ensure variety in your design composition.
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Parcival Antiqua (RMU Typedesign)

 Parcival Antiqua
Ralph M. Unger breathes new life into the classic Parcival Antiqua, originally drawn by Herbert Thannhaeuser for Schelter & Giesecke. The Didone has been revised for contemporary use and can be used both for texts and for headlines.
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Crunchy (Aring Typeface)

The generously set out, dynamic Crunchy script font from Måns Grebäck exudes a somewhat vintage feel. This font is perfect for use everywhere, where a personal note is needed, and it has numerous alternative characters to satisfy your requirements.
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Instant (Jerome Knebusch)

The five fonts of Instant from Jérôme Knebusch provide not only a variety of weights, they also vary in style. Whereas the narrow Vivid reminds us strongly of handwritten script, the style changes across Quick, Regular and Slow to Heavy, a neutral Sans with a slightly humanist impact.
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Neue Kurier (RMU Typedesign)

 Neue Kurier
The letters in Neue Kurier, written separately with the brush, designed by Ralph M. Unger, resurrect a typographic art classic. The relaxed script recalls the typography of the 1970’s and can be used both for short messages and headings.
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