Retro Fonts

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Like graphic design, fashion, and architecture, fonts are a part of the visual expression of an era and can experience popularity again, even decades later. The typefaces referred to as retro fonts have historical references and are, in their own way, very modern and trendy (again). This is true of the fonts from the art nouveau period as well as the structured grotesques of the Bauhaus era, the curvy advertising fonts from the 1950s, and the technical, rounded designs of the 1970s. Sometimes these fonts consciously pick up on their age and simulate a partial color application.
Note: This page contains only a small selection of our personal favorites from the retro fonts. You can find many more retro fonts in the Linotype library by using our keyword search.

This is our expert selection:

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Metro Nova Vanilla Shot Brandon Grotesque Eurostile Next Thirsty Script Rough True North Sant’Elia Intro Fourth Lunchbox

Veneer Charcuterie Core Circus Rough Metro Retro Redux NF Trend Arquitecta Iwan Stencil Nexa Rust Balega Liberty Brooklyn Samuels No5 Pluto Melany Lane Campton Intro Rust Clearface Gothic Peaches and Cream Transat Sofia Rough

Gist Indie Coquette Retro Bold Belinda Eveleth Reporter #2 Nexa Script Beloved Ahkio Microbrew Sanelma Boberia Coliseum Sucrose Bernhard Modern Seventies Lulo Clean Lucian Gin Fluidum Remachine Script Burford Rustic Industry Houschka Rounded Cafe Retro