New font releases in June 2016

New arrivals June 2016: The high-contrast and space-saving Antiqua TT Moons, the lively Tea Biscuit brush font, the friendly TT Prosto Sans and others

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, and beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

TT Moons (TypeType)

 TT Moons
The narrow Antiqua TT Moons draws attention to itself through its striking contrast in stroke width, particularly in the heavier styles. While the fine serifs provide a noble look, the nearly geometric shapes of Ivan Gladkikh’s TT Moons lend the font a very modern character.
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Tea Biscuit (Fenotype)

 Tea Biscuit
With the lively Tea Biscuit brush font, Teo Tuominen and Emil Bertell capture the charm of 1950s advertising fonts. Numerous letter alternatives, swash versions, and ornaments help you create a unique, diverse design.
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TT Prosto Sans (TypeType)

 TT Prosto Sans
The structured and in some cases highly simplified letters lend TT Prosto Sans, a square sans by Ivan Gladkikh, a somewhat formal, technical character. The open forms, however, add a friendly flair to the well-equipped and versatile sans.
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Storyteller (My Creative Land)

Elena Genova’s varied Storyteller font family contains a total of 19 fonts. Dynamic handwritten script fonts accompany hand-painted sans and serif typefaces to offer you perfectly matching options for invitations, brand names, or text quotes.
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TT Rabbits (TypeType)

 TT Rabbits
The ten hand-painted fonts by Ivan Gladkikh offer the perfect options for designing products for children. Use TT Rabbits for children’s books, toys, or educational programs.
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Allegra (abc litera)

Open forms and a large x-height give Allegra, the humanist sans by Jost Hochuli, perfect legibility, even in small font sizes. The font, well equipped with seven weights and matching italics, can be used for long texts as well as headlines or signage systems.
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Ciao Bella (Oddsorts)

 Ciao Bella
Numerous decorations give Charles Gibbons’s Ciao Bella a noble yet friendly and playful character. The font was derived from copperplate script. Take advantage of numerous letter alternatives, swash versions, and countless ornaments for highly individual lettering.
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Hoxton North (The Northern Block)

 Hoxton North
Inspired by the Gill Sans and Edward Johnston’s font for the London underground, Jonathan Hill drew the very legible humanist sans Hoxton North. Take advantage of the relatively narrow font, which is well equipped with six weights, for texts, headlines, signs, or logos.
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Bisque (Letterbox)

Bisque, a monolinear sans by Niels Oeltjen, combines elements of handwriting with structured geometric, modern influences. This gives the headline font, available in two weights, its own very ornamental rhythm.
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Fourth (Jason Vandenberg)

Jason Vandenberg designed the contemporary script font Fourth with typical American baseball fonts, hand-painted signs, and logos in mind. Use the classic touch of this font, well equipped with seven weights, numerous alternative characters, and ornaments, for striking and unique designs.
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Niva (PeGGO Fonts)

The reduced and somewhat conventional letter forms lend Niva, a square sans by Pedro Gonzalez (PeGGO), a modern, futuristic look. Thanks to the perfect options with numerous widths and weights, you can use Niva for large projects, for example in the technological field.
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Uncle Oscar (Hanoded)

 Uncle Oscar
The friendly and lively script font Uncle Oscar simulates the slightly rough and rugged style of a soft pencil. It is suitable for all applications where a personal touch is needed.
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Winsome (Laura Worthington)

The dynamic and vibrant script font Winsome by Laura Worthington contains over 600 alternate characters, swash variants, and ligatures. An extra set of unconnected letters gives you more freedom in terms of spacing for headlines, for example.
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Moderna Condensed (Los Andes Type)

 Moderna Condensed
Very reduced and rounded forms lend Moderna Condensed by Coto Mendoza and Luciano Vergara a stencil-like, modern and technical character. A second style version, the uppercase font Moderna Condensed Unicase, contains vowels in the shape of the lowercase.
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Jumble (Laura Worthington)

Very bold letters derived from a brush font make Laura Worthington’s display font Jumble an ideal advertising font. Jumble draws plenty of attention to itself, which makes it great for logos, product packaging, or slogans.
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