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Generis: new styles for the flexible and modern font system by Erik Faulhaber

Eric Faulhaber has added the thin and heavy styles that were lacking in the Serif, Slab and Simple families. Now, all four styles cover the same range of weights. With the four styles Sans, Slab, Serif and Simple, the Generis® font system now offers you a complete, comprehensive basis for complex projects. The families, perfectly matched to one another, are suited to text or headlines and can be used in newspapers, magazines, logos, posters, or signalization systems.

Faulhaber came up with the idea of creating the font system while on a trip in the USA. Instead of the wild mix of fonts that he saw in one business district, he wanted to provide something with interrelated forms. The result was Generis. Harmony, rhythm, legibility and formal restraint are emphasized in Generis. Faulhaber designed four styles (two with and two without serifs) whose formal language builds on each other – a system of multiple, combinable elements.
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Generis Serif – now with Thin, Thin Italic, Heavy and Heavy Italic

Generis Serif

Derived from the French Renaissance Antiqua, the narrow and legible characters of the Generis® Serif serve as the basic framework for the other styles in the Generis clan. A significantly pronounced contrast in the stroke, along with slightly grooved and tapering serifs with beveled ends that connect to the stem, lend Generis Serif a friendly and warm character. Thanks to the expansion, Generis Serif is available with six upright styles with carefully graded weights, from Thin to Heavy, as well as matching italic styles. The italic styles, designed as true cursives, have a very dynamic appearance, the result of a rounder shape and extended line ends.
Use the Serif member of the Generis font system as an elegant Antiqua with a classic touch.

Generis Slab - now with Thin and Heavy

Generis Slab

In the slab version, the serifs are designed as squares that are attached sharply to the stem. Faulhaber also toned down the contrast in the weight somewhat compared to Generis Serif. Thanks to the expansion, Generis® Slab is now available in the six popular upright styles, from Thin to Heavy.
Use the Slab member of the Generis font system as a robust linear Antiqua with a technical character.

Generis Simple - now with Thin and Heavy

Generis Simple

Significantly reduced letter forms determine the character of the sans serif Generis® Simple. Compared to the other styles, Faulhaber made the curves flatter, avoided spurs and reduced the contrast in the stroke almost completely. The carefully rounded line ends, however, make for a friendly and warm appearance. Thanks to the expansion, Generis Simple is now available in the six popular upright styles, from Thin to Heavy.
Use the Simple member of the Generis font system as a simplified sans serif with a contemporary look.

Generis Sans

Generis Sans

The basic shape of the Renaissance Antiqua is preserved in the sans; the lower-case “a” is open and the “g” has the two-story shape. In comparison to Generis Serif, the contrast in the weights has been reduced significantly.
Generis® Sans is available in the six popular, upright styles, from Thin to Heavy. The matching italic styles are designed as true cursives with some modified letter forms.
Use the Sans member of the Generis font system as a clear sans serif with a neutral expression.
You can find our online brochure for the Generis font system here.

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