Aeris™ font family


Aeris Selection

Aeris Selection: four fonts from the contemporary and versatile font family designed by Tom Grace for only .

Aeris Selection

The Aeris value pack contains the following fonts:

Its proportions, rhythm and generous, open counters are ingredients that make the Aeris family especially legible and comfortable to read. The Value Pack includes everything you need to set good text, including Aeris A Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. At larger sizes all the fonts reveal their charming details.
But that’s not all: in addition to the four fonts, we’d like to give you an additional font, completely free! The Aeris family comes in two variants: The A variant that is especially suited to slightly larger sizes; while the B variant is designed for smaller, text sizes. The free Aeris B Regular is the perfect accompaniment to this Value Pack. Now you have everything you need for both display and text. Set at smaller sizes, Aeris B Regular makes for even color and great readability. An ideal family for everything from books to editorial, from advertisements to corporate documentation and branding.

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