Multi-Line Fonts

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Although most people think of neon signs and pop and disco fonts from the 70s when they think of multi-line fonts, the typographic effect is actually far older than that and is used in all font genres. The characters of multi-line fonts are based on multiple parallel lines and are particularly popular for headlines, where they can draw attention to themselves.
Note: this page contains only a small selection of our personal favorites from the multi-line fonts. You can find many more multi-line fonts in the Linotype library by using our keyword search.

This is our expert selection:

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Macrame Pump Triline Eclectic Crumpany NF Pentaprism Crescendo Colo Afrobeat Click Hair Dazzle Regular Eslava Inline

Mexcellent Regular Disco Inferno NF Glamwords Gala Triline Maxigroove Vanilla Aramdura Double Line Boogie Relampago NF Lusta One Twenty Sans Doodle Pen Racetrack Prisma Pro Olympik Piccadilly Dekal Regular ITC Mudville Boho A Gogo NF

Odessa SuperGlue Top Kick NF Cleveden White Tie Affair NF Fgroove Automoto Azote Regular Pop Two