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New font releases in May 2016

New arrivals May 2016: The intimate and friendly sans Zega Text, the hand-painted Scrapbooker fonts, the reduced square sans Univia and others

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, and beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Zega Text (Isaco Type)

 Zega Text
Beveled line ends, slightly conical stems, carefully rounded corners and a light contrast in the stroke width lend the sans Zega Text by Isac Rodrigues a friendly, individual character. The font in letterpress style is suited to longer texts, but shows off its details particularly well in headlines.
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Scrapbooker (Sudtipos)

Scrapbooker by Carolina Marando and Alejandro Paul is a series of six well-coordinated, hand-painted fonts. Each of them has its own style and personality and gives you countless variations for telling unique stories.
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Univia (Mostardesign Studio)

Smooth curves and rounded corners give the geometric square sans Univia by Olivier Gourvat a reduced, but friendly character. The modern font is well equipped with nine finely graded weights and works well in settings like ebooks, apps or as a web font.
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HMS Gilbert (Fenotype)

 HMS Gilbert
Expressive brush font, friendly handwritten font or hand-painted letters: the collection HMS Gilbert from Emil Bertell includes seven fonts, pictograms, ornaments and catchwords that all work well together. Many fonts include numerous alternative characters and swashes.
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Paveline (Greater Albion Typefounders)

The ornamental font Paveline from Paul James Lloyd captures the character of a script in separate letters. Use this lively and joyful font for short texts or on posters.
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Celdum (The Northern Block)

Vertical and horizontal lines dominate the character of the structured square sans Celdum from Jonathan Hill. Take advantage of the cool, technical and futuristic atmosphere of Celdum for text and headlines in mobile apps, video games or other interactive software.
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Hilton Sans and Serif (Juraj Chrastina)

 Hilton Sans and Serif
The sans serif Hilton Sans and semi serif Hilton Serif by Juraj Chrastina are two highly legible and elegant display fonts. Use the lean, structured typefaces together or individually for short texts or in headlines.
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Grayfel (insigne)

In the neutral sans Grayfel, Jeremy Dooley combines influences of humanist and structured designs. The restrained, yet individual family is extremely well equipped with seven weights and three widths. It is well suited to large projects in corporate communication, for example.
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Sangli (inigne)

The very geometric and structured sans Sangli by Jeremy Dooley emphasizes circles and round shapes. The font has a lively and friendly character. You can use the font, well equipped with six weights in three widths, in large projects as well as in text or headlines.
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Bucintoro (Three Islands Press)

Bucintoro by Lars Bergquist picks up on the style of Rotunda, a blackletter font written by quill. The font has three weights and has a historic, traditional flair that can be used in menus or on product packaging.
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Scrubby (Typodermic)

The contour and inking of the letters in Scrubby create the appearance of a not quite perfect print. Equipped with numerous letter alternatives and swash variations, the unique font from Ray Larabie works particularly well in the larger font sizes.
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Campan (Hoftype)

A clever combination of sharp serifs and rounded corners lends the noble Roman Campan by Dieter Hofrichter a friendly, lively flair. Thanks to the many interesting details, you can use Campan not only for body text, but also headlines.
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Kamerik 205 (Talbot Type)

 Kamerik 205
Inspired by classic geometric and structured sans like Futura or Avant Garde, Kamerik 205 from Adrian Talbot has a modern, clear and elegant character. Although Kamerik 205 can be used also for short texts, it shows off its strengths particularly well in headline sizes.
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Globa (Latinotype)

Pedro Gonzalez Jorquera designed the upper part of the letters larger than the lower portion in the rounded Sans  Globa. As a result, the letters have a slightly playful appearance that nullifies the formal flair of the otherwise neutral letters.
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