New font releases in April 2016 - Font News

New font releases in April 2016

New arrivals April 2016: The lively, monolinear sans Kleide, the striking, handwritten brush font Auburn, the friendly, rounded slab serif Decour Soft and other fonts

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Kleide (Nootype)

Round, curving line ends that recall handwriting lend the monolinear sans Kleide by Nico Inosanto a friendly and lively character. The noble font is available in six weights and can be used for very different design tasks.
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Auburn (Albatross)

The striking, handwritten brush font Auburn by Jay Hilgert is well equipped with ligatures and alternatives. Use the strong design for headlines or in package design, for example.
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Decour Soft (Latinotype)

 Decour Soft
Rounded line ends give Jorge Cisterna’s slab font Decour Soft a warm and friendly flair. Equipped with seven weights, the font offers plenty of options. Use it for logos and packaging, for example. The noble design also works for book titles or newspapers, however.
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Bonnycastle (Three Islands Press)

Inspired by historic plans and maps drawn by the English officer and soldier Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791-1847), Brian Willson created the script font Bonnycastle. The smooth, lively font helps you create diverse designs with many ligatures and alternate characters.
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Stolzl (The Northern Block)

The structured sans Stolzl by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya is based on the fonts of the Bauhaus era, but offers a very legible interpretation. The neutral and restrained forms of Stolzl can be used both in body text and in headlines.
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Nouvelle Vague (Anatoletype)

 Nouvelle Vague
French advertising fonts from the 1950s served as a template for Elena Albertoni’s dynamic, rhythmic script font Nouvelle Vague™. Numerous alternative characters make for a clean, interconnected baseline, which is interrupted only by striking capital letters.
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Buozzi (SeaTypes)

Sharp transitions in the easily legible and strong Baroque Antiqua Buozzi recall the style of a fountain pen font. The typeface, which was inspired by old notes and drawings, is available in four weights, each with a matching italic.
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Local Brewery (Cultivated Mind)

 Local Brewery
The Local Brewery family by Cindy Kinash comprises several scripts and two sans styles. The lively, somewhat playful script font and the more neutral sans complement each other perfectly. Use the family in textile and packaging designs or for invitations, for example.
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Borghese (RMU Typedesign)

Borghese is Ralph M. Unger’s digital remake of the Art Nouveau font published by Schelter & Giesecke in 1904. The unusual and very detailed font not only attracts attention in headlines, but also stands out in short texts.
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French Kiss (Robert Arnow Design Studio)

 French Kiss
Robert Arnow began creating French Kiss using a brush and paint on paper in order to create the most realistic impression possible. The fine details are maintained in the digital version of the dynamic font, easily visible in the larger sizes.
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Preslav (MacCampus)

The geometric letters of Preslav by Sebastian Kempgen recall the sharp features of stonework. Their unusual forms lend the display font an interesting, archaic flair.
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Kandin (The Northern Block)

Different internal and external shapes give the characters in this modern, geometric sans Kandin by Rebecca Hurst a high degree of recognition value. Use this font, well equipped with six weights, anywhere you need a wonderful, clear ambiance.
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Scritta Nuova (Anatoletype)

 Scritta Nuova
The scattered upper case among the lower-case characters add a special touch to the friendly, consistent Scritta Nuova by Elena Albertoni. Scritta Nuova is available in three weights.
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Felice (Nootype)

The humanist Renaissance Antiqua Felice by Nico Inosanto scores with its exemplary options. The five weights, each with a matching italic, have different number sets, small caps and countless, beautiful ligatures.
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Corporative (Latinotype)

Cautious hints at elements of handwriting lend the semi serif Corporative a friendly and attractive character. The font best shows off this character in headline sizes.
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TT Compotes (TypeType)

 TT Compotes
The TT Compotes family by Ivan Gladkikh offers a small collection of very different, vibrant, handmade script fonts. Ideal for designs related to preserves, small barber shops, cafés or bakeries.
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