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A common characteristic of these fonts is the rasterization of the letter forms in round or square points. The technical limits of the analogue world often serve as the model here: whether it is the early, poorly resolved matrix printers, coarse screen fonts from the dawn of the computer era or current thermal printers in cash registers. Fonts at county fairs or in bars, which are created with numerous light bulbs, can serve as earlier, non-computer models, for example.
Depending on the analogue equivalent, pixel fonts have a digital retro charm, or recall the bright world of video game arcades and the early neon signs. Use these fonts for posters, album covers or extravagant logos, for example.
Note: this page contains only a small selection of our personal favorites from the pixel fonts. You can find many more techno fonts in the Linotype library by using our keyword search

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Agilita Dot Dot Script Dottie Nerdropol Vactic Sassoon Montessori Dotted CA Viva Las Vegas Linotype Punkt Telidon Lomo Subliminal BF Core Circus 2D Dot1

Dissassembler Paltime Dot Janda Polkadot Dot’Noir Embossed Led Irritation Geodot Dixplay Zerbydoo Sayonax The Hand Dotted The Serif Hand Dotted Relix Dotto Alphabet Zampichi Display Dots Intimo

KG Primary Dots Badoni TRS Million Regular Subway Ticker