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If an electric, technical look is desired, techno fonts are the perfect choice. They are also ideal if you want your designs to make a modern, maybe even futuristic impression, however. The geometric shapes of this genre are most often heavily reduced and frequently have a structured basis. Techno fonts have had a significant influence on the development of contemporary font design, since many young designers have devoted themselves to the design of these fonts from the start of the digital age. It is no wonder, then, that it is precisely this genre of fonts that adorns the covers of electronic music albums, which came about at the same time.
Note: this page contains only a small selection of our personal favorites from the techno fonts. You can find many more techno fonts in the Linotype library by using our keyword search

This is our expert selection:

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Aviano Future Linotype Atomatic Linotype Spacera Supermolot Neo Sans Eurostile Next PP Equaliser Biome Design System Aguda Stencil Linotype Scott Venus Fono Controller Morris Sans Panton Zone Distilla Eurostile Unicase Sky Wing Outline Russell Square Korataki Eurostile Candy Linotype Franosch Neo Tech Noa Cranked Pipe 20 Lomo Gravel Future Bugler Plotta Linotype CaseStudyNo1 OCR A Tribute Flat Sans Silicone Quadon Snasm Stak Linotype Kaliber Valgal Serpentine Kimberley Galexica Linotype Cineplex Neuropolitical Decima Nova Shentox Bank Gothic TT Squares Good Times Sol FF TradeMarker Magistral Clonoid Necia Axaxax Space Ned Borda Phantom Linotype Lichtwerk CA Prologue Geogrotesque Crop Geom Graphic Nasalization Phuture ODC CA Monodon Titanium Accelerator Bennu Sans B