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Veljovic Script

Veljovic Script: a very well-equipped, calligraphic brush font

Veljovic Script    
The fine brush font Veljovic Script™ is a calligraphic masterpiece from renowned typographer Jovica Veljović. Numerous, clearly recognizable strokes in the friendly, dynamic and somewhat informal letters make for a realistic appearance. The letters, which aren’t connected, overlap in some places. This creates a rhythmic and flowing word image. Many alternate characters, ligatures, start and end shapes make for a varied and unique word and line design. The font also includes equally well-equipped Cyrillic characters, in addition to the Latin. Last but not least, you can use the Veljovic Script for very diverse projects, including international work, thanks to the four weights.

Veljovic Script in detail

Virtually all the characters of Veljovic Script are available in different shapes. These include start and end shapes, as well as swash variants (for the capital letters, in particular) with larger swings and extended line ends. The OpenType feature “contextual alternates” helps you choose the letters that fit together perfectly. You can also combine the characters manually, however, independently of this automatic option.

Veljovic Script

In addition to the standard ligatures, Veljovic Script provides a wide range of other, perfectly crafted combinations for you. These include some common abbreviations such as “Dr.”, “Mr.” or “Ms.”.

Veljovic Script

The various number sets are also complete in the Veljovic Script. You also have the option of old-style and uppercase numerals, designed for proportional and table settings. There are also fractions as well as scientific superscript and subscript numbers. Small caps round out the character options.

Veljovic Script character options

Veljovic Script contains not only the Latin letters of the Western and Central European languages, but also Cyrillic characters. In this way, Veljovic Script is well prepared for international projects.

For more information about using Veljovic Script, please see our content feature “Veljovic Script: an unconventional calligraphic font family with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets”.

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