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This particular variety of the Antiqua or serif is also called Egyptienne or Linear Antiqua. Characteristic of the fonts are a little contrast in stroke thickness and very strong, often almost rectangular serifs. The slab serifs came about at the start of the 19th century due to a growing need for distinctive advertising fonts. In recent decades, their popularity has not waned at all. Particularly in recent years, the slab serif fonts have gone through a renaissance and designers are happy to use them often for contemporary designs.
Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite slab serif fonts. Use our keyword search for ‘Slab Serif’ to find many more slab serif fonts in the Linotype Library.

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New slab serifs are coming out all the time, which is a testament to the continued popularity of the genre. Along with the very popular, fine and lean sans serif fonts, the slab serifs make for an interesting and very modern contrast. The current slab serifs also cut a fine figure in body text, as well.

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DIN Next Slab Aptifer Slab Xenois Slab Soho Kairos Quitador Diverda Serif Compatil Letter Generis Slab HoTom Linotype Really Museo Slab Quadon Choplin Linotype Authentic Serif FF Signa Slab Vezus Serif Chennai Slab Lev Serif Sancoale Slab FF Alega Serif FF Unit Slab Brownstone Slab Bree Serif Adria Slab Nexa Slab Novecento Slab FF Zine Slab Display Adelle Oblik Serif Maxwell Slab Metronic Slab Pro FF Marselis Slab Cyntho Slab Prelo Slab Cintra Slab Suomi Slab Serif Solitas Slab Breakers Slab Sanchez Slab Ainslie Slab Dharma Slab

Despite the fact that some families are already 100 years old, designers are still happy to use these slab serifs for headlines on posters or for logos. Their quality has earned these fonts a permanent place in the hearts of designers.

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PMN Caecilia LinoLetter Memphis Serifa Calvert Egyptian Slate Siseriff ITC Officina Serif Nimrod Jeunesse Slab Stymie Rockwell Neue Aachen ITC Lubalin Graph ITC Napoleone Slab Humanist Slabserif Belwe