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A serif is a small stroke at the end of the letter bar. Two of the most popular serif or Roman typefaces are Times New Roman and Century Schoolbook. Serifs can take different forms. These can include: Curved serifs, such as in Garamond, which is an example of a French Renaissance Antiqua; or fine strokes such as in the case of Bodoni, an example of a classic Roman. We will soon have a feature on slab serifs equipped with strong geometric serifs. You’ll find a selection of typefaces including slab serifs equipped with bold, geometric serifs here.
Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite serif fonts. Use our keyword search for ‘Serif’ to find many more serif fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is our expert selection:

Classic | Fresh, modern
Classic serif fonts are today most often found in the body text of newspapers. They are also a permanent fixture in books and magazines which require exceptionally legible texts.

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Frutiger Serif Palatino nova Linotype Centennial Stempel Garamond Sabon Next Fairfield Bodoni LT Linotype Didot Baskerville ITC Stone Serif Janson Text Rotis Serif Prima Serif Bembo Caslon Walbaum Georgia Pro Excelsior Parkinson Electra ITC Century Freight Text Bookmania Bell Granjon ITC Caslon No. 224 Melior Calisto Weiss LinoLetter Corona Joanna Monticello Laurentian Truesdell Minister Tiemann Trajan Centaur ITC Galliard

Fresh, modern
Fresh new serif typefaces will always be in demand for the wide spectrum of possible applications. Linotype is constantly expanding its font library with contemporary serif fonts.

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Agmena Mantika Book Neue Swift Compatil Text Demos Next Linotype Syntax Serif Diverda Serif Cardamon Mengelt Basel Antiqua Levato Rameau Generis Serif Satero Serif Xenois Serif FF Milo Serif FF Nexus Serif Linotype Really Rabenau Ginkgo Malabar FF Meta Serif Saga Livory ITC Stepp Veronika ITC Slimbach Bohemia FF Dora ITC New Veljovic FF Spinoza Berndal FF Tundra Droid Serif FF Celeste Rufina Capitolium 2 Haarlemmer Berling Nova