New font releases in November 2015

New arrivals November 2015: The modern, graphical slab serif Choplin, the realistic brush font Botanica, the noble, calligraphic Luxurious and more fonts

WriteHand (Scholtz Fonts)

The foundation of Anton Scholtz’s WriteHand was the digitization of a contemporary handwritten script. Use this casual font, which has line ends like those of a brush font, for contemporary invitations and greeting cards, for example, or for cosmetic articles and book covers.
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PF Champion Script (Parachute)

 PF Champion Script
In order to make PF Champion Script resemble as closely as possible the original by English calligraphy master Joseph Champion, Panos Vassiliou drew over 4,300 characters. Use the numerous letter alternatives, swash variants and ligatures to create your own, unique lettering.
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VeryBerry (My Creative Land)

Slightly classy but above all friendly and cheerful is the modern brush font VeryBerry by Elena Genova. Alternative letters with start and end swings provide for variety in the pleasant rhythm of the interconnected letters.
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Blanc (Latinotype)

A strong personality makes the humanist sans serif Blanc by Jorge Cisterna your ideal partner in headings or in advertising. Two inline styles are available, in addition to the eight weights.
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Choplin (Rene Bieder)

Choplin by Rene Bieder is a structured, neutral slab serif with a very graphical character. Use the free Light and Medium styles to get to know this well-equipped font.
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Gillray (RMU Typedesign)

Gillray by Ralph M. Unger is based on the English cursive font Hogarth Script by Harald Brödel. The elegant, calligraphic typeface is ideal for invitations, certificates or book titles.
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Liniga (Graphite)

Handwritten block letters characterize the friendly cursive font Liniga by Deepak Dogra. The highly legible typeface is available in two weights and can be used for headings as well as in body text.
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Flat Sans (Sergej Lebedev)

 Flat Sans
Humanist influences lend the well-equipped Flat Sans by Sergej Lebedev a friendly and lively character. All eight weights come with a true italic.
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La Veronique (My Creative Land)

 La Veronique
Significant size differences in the letters give the vibrant and dynamic cursive font La Veronique by Elena Genova a somewhat playful character. For this reason, the typeface is perfectly suited to invitations, acknowledgments and any other occasions that you can imagine.
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Rosalinda (My Creative Land)

Elena Genova’s Rosalinda is very ornamental, slightly precious and somewhat playful. Many alternate characters, start and end shapes and ligatures make for a varied typeface.
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Millar (The Northern Block)

Geometrically structured letters with rounded ends give Millar by Jonathan Hill the flair of a stencil font. The monolinear font offers plenty of options with seven weights and an unusual italic.
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Botanica (My Creative Land)

An incomplete paint application and interconnected letters lend Botanica by Elena Genova a very realistic character. The hand-painted letters of Botanica Sans are an ideal companion to the lively font.
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Luxurious (TypeSETit)

With dynamic, strongly inclined letters and sweeping turns, the calligraphic font Luxurious by Rob Leuschke has noble and festive flair. Styles with frames and ornaments and a matching Roman round out your design options.
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Oita (insigne)

Constructed only of straight lines, Oita by Jeremy Dooley has a very geometric and technological character. Well-equipped with different weights and widths, the font also has some alternative versions with an experimental design or stencil character.
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Dear Rae, Love Dad (Outside the Line)

 Dear Rae
Dear Rae by Rae Kaiser simulates a cursive font written by broad pen on rough watercolor paper. Countless alternative letters give the font a realistic appearance.
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Military Scribe (Three Islands Press)

 Military Scribe
Brian Willson’s Military Scribe imitates the writing style of personnel roster of the 10th Regiment of the British Army in the 18th century. Create highly customized texts with the countless characters and ligatures.
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