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If fonts have rounded terminals or their design is based on a circle, they are known as rounded fonts. Designers value the soft and friendly character of the genre, which is very popular at the moment. If combined with a technical or formal design, the result is a modern, interesting contrast that reflects the zeitgeist. Rounded fonts have been popular at different times in the past, as well. A number of the resulting fonts are still in widespread use today. For more detailed information about this topic, please take a look at our Font Feature „Rounded Fonts”.
Note: This page contains only a small selection of our personal favorites from the sans serif fonts. You can find many other rounded fonts in the font library using our keywords.

This is our expert selection:

Classic | Modern-casual | Modern-technical

Rounded fonts experienced their first period of popularity at the start of the 20th century. Numerous classics also came about in the 1970s and 1980s; these fonts are still known and in use today. These fonts have stood the test and time over the decades, particularly in headlines and on posters.

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Trade Gothic Next Soft Rounded VAG Rounded ITC Souvenir ITC Benguiat Gothic Pump Helvetica Rounded Neuzeit Office Soft Rounded Blippo Windsor Cooper Black Basic Commercial Soft Rounded Memphis Soft Rounded Classic Round Report School

These modern and lively fonts bring a personal flair to the foreground. With their warm and soft shapes, they radiate a friendly character that can also be put to use in shorter texts.

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Akko Rounded Klint Rounded Palatino Sans Informal FF Unit Rounded Grota Rounded Grota Sans Rounded Fruitygreen Foco Estandar Rounded Ponsi Rounded Simplo Soft

Often derived from basic geometric shapes, these writings have a technical, somewhat stencil-like appearance. The rounded shapes take a bit of the edge off the design and make for a modern, somewhat futuristic, yet personal flair. The special character of these fonts plays out well in longer texts or signalization systems.

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DIN Next Rounded Xenois Soft Museo Sans Rounded FF DIN Round FF Netto Biome Proxima Nova Soft Ciutadella Rounded Decima Round Hess Gothic Round NF Seebad Ultima Kroppen Round Eurostile Candy Exo Soft