New font releases in September 2015

New arrivals September 2015: the well-equipped Slab Serif Synerga Pro, the calligraphic Sans Serif Caturrita, the lively cursive Marmelade and other fonts

Synerga Pro (Mint Type)

 Synerga Pro
In the large font sizes, the vivid characters of Andriy Konstantynov’s modern slab serif Synerga Pro reveal the many details that lend a distinctive and interesting character to headlines. Take advantage of the free styles Regular and Italic and see for yourself.
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Caturrita (Armasen Typefaces)

Calligraphic influences give Caturrita by Bruno Mello a soft and flowing character. You can use the warm, well-equipped font for long texts as well as headlines.
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Marmelade (Wiescher Design)

Initial and final letters with long, sweeping underscores in Gert Wiescher’s Marmelade make every word into a logo. In this way, the font is ideal for product designs, brand names and unique headlines.
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Selfica (Nootpe)

With letter forms that recall a manuscript here and there, Nico Inosanto creates in Selfica the formal character of a geometric sans serif. Numerous ligatures support you in making original and creative designs.
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Brunette (Deartype)

Logos are meant to express a personal touch with emotion and character, and this is what Veneta Rangelova had in mind for her cursive font Brunette. Numerous letter alternatives make for a varied typeface.
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Gratitude Script (Sudtipos)

 Gratitude Script
Sweeping curves lend Gratitude Script by Alejandro Paul and Kathy Milici a noble, vivid and almost playful character. Countless letter alternatives, catchwords and ornaments help you create a unique and varied word image.
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Bligh (Dalton Maag)

Cleverly set, slight irregularities give Bligh a dynamic character reminiscent of hand-painted letters. Use Bligh to give your designs a friendly and personal flair.
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Mulberry Script (Cultivated Mind)

 Mulberry Script
The beautiful handwritten font Mulberry Script from Cindy Kinash shows an unobtrusive, cheerful and somewhat noble character. Alternative letter forms, catchwords and pictograms give your designs a logo-like appearance.
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Aguda Stencil (Graviton)

 Aguda Stencil
The modular and stencil-like letters give Aguda Stencil from Pablo Balcells a technical and futuristic character. From Unicase styles and variants with gaps for small and large font sizes, choose the fitting version for your job.
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Powder (Fenotype)

The distinctive and eye-catching brush font Powder Script by Emil Karl Bertell is available in three weights and has numerous alternative characters, ligatures and swash variants.
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Manus (Joebob Graphics)

Manus captures the lively character of everyday handwriting. Frayed edges and line ends and numerous ligatures reinforce the dynamic nature of this distinctive calligraphic font.
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Galeb (Tour de Force Font Foundry)

The structured Grotesque Galeb by Slobodan Jelesijevic shows a formal and cool character that can play out in editorial designs. In headlines, the details like the slanted ends make for a lively flair.
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Speener (CozyFonts Foundry)

Derived from the handwriting of his son, Tom Nikosey’s Speener has the casual character of a handwritten document. A rough outline reinforces the volatile, vibrant character of the font.
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NotaBene (Wiescher Design)

Very clear and somewhat technical forms characterize the square sans NotaBene by Gert Wiescher. The seven weights of the well-equipped font can be used for logos, headlines and body copy or on signs.
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