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New font releases in August 2015

New arrivals August 2015: The inspiring script font GoGipsy, remarkably dynamic brush font Comforter, the geometric Beauchef and other fonts

As we do every month, we would like to introduce some of the many interesting, modern and inspiring fonts only recently added our web shop. This includes text and headline fonts, small and large families, and also beautiful calligraphy. Add a special touch to your designs with fonts that are not yet well-known.

GoGipsy (Latinotype)

Inspired by the Mexican Caribbean, GoGipsy represents a typographic journey of love, art and nature. In addition to many ligatures and alternate characters, Guisela Mendoza designed a second, slightly more irregular version of the font. Ornaments inspired by Mexican textile art complete round out the font.
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Comforter (TypeSETit)

Dynamic and lively, bouncing letters give the brush font Comforter by Rob Leuschke a very friendly character. Numerous alternative characters and a second version with a rougher outline offer diverse potential.
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Beauchef (Latinotype)

The geometric shapes of the Beauchef by Juan Pablo De Gregorio were originally developed for a mathematical university. However, the striking and strong character of the technical, somewhat stencil-like font is suitable for many other applications.
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Wildsong (Scholtz Fonts)

Inspired by the flight and singing of birds, Anton Scholtz designed the script font Wildsong. The dynamic, contemporary and very lively letters are available in numerous variants in three styles. They can provide a base for your very unique design.
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Et Cetera (Scholtz Fonts)

 Et Cetera
Et Cetera by Anton Scholz is a breezy and light, but nonetheless expressive, calligraphic font that you can use for titles, product packaging or stationary, for example. A monolinear variation is also available, in addition to the two styles, which contrast significantly in weight.
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Victory Script (CozyFonts Foundry)

 Victory Script
The disconnected, handwritten letters of Victory Script by Tom Nikosey recall retro-inspired brush fonts combined with a touch of Art Deco. Use the font, available in two versions, for invitations and documents, for example, or in packaging design.
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PF Bague Sans, Slab, Inline, Round (Parachute)

 PF Bague Sans
PF Baque is a super-family by Panos Vassiliou that comes in four styles. The basic form of the letters is based on the structured grotesques of the early 20th century. Some humanistic details, such as slight variations in the stroke width or open shapes with vertical line ends, soften slightly the technical rigor of the font. The fonts, well-equipped with numerous weights and extensive language support, are very interesting, particularly due to several very special ligatures. There are other versions available in addition to PF Bague Sans: Round, with rounded line ends; Slab, which has slab serifs; and an Inline variation.
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PF Baseline (Parachute)

 PF Baseline
Geometric, structured forms lend PF Baseline by Panos Vassiliou a very modern, futuristic look. PF Baseline is available in six weights and is suited in particularly to distinctive headlines with a high degree of recognition value.
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PF Bodoni Script (Parachute)

 PF Bodoni Script
Panos Vassiliou’s inspiration for PF Bodoni Script was the various, swinging capital letters from Bodoni’s Manuale Tipografico. Numerous alternative letters and ligatures make for a very harmonious word image.
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PF Champion Script (Parachute)

 PF Champion Script
Starting from the work of English calligrapher Joseph Champion in the 18th-century, Panos Vassiliou designed the incredibly well-developed PF Champion Script. Over 4,300 letters per style not only offer numerous alternatives and end shapes, but also support for Greek and Cyrillic characters, each with appropriate ligatures.
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PF DaVinci Script (Parachute)

 PF DaVinci Script
The lively letters of the PF DaVinci Script by Dimitris Foussekis and Panos Vassiliou are based on the handwriting of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci. A second variant simulates a somewhat heavier ink flow and has bigger letters.
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PF Diplomat Sans und Serif (Parachute)

 PF Diplomat Sans und Serif
Open shapes, a low contrast in stroke width and strong serifs give PF Diplomat by Panos Vassiliou a clear and fresh expression. The font, available in three weights, is also available in a sans version.
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PF Handbook (Parachute)

 PF Handbook
Round, somewhat technical forms reminiscent of a stencil font characterize the PF Handbook by Panos Vassiliou. You can use the well-equipped font, available in seven weights, not only for headlines, but also for text setting.
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PF Lindemann Sans (Parachute)

 PF Lindemann Sans
PF Lindemann Sans by Chad Lindemann takes the reader at first glance. The geometric shapes of the lively sans are based on the golden ratio, but also have some friendly, humanist influences.
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PF Scandal (Parachute)

 PF Scandal
Although Aggeliki Skandalelli originally designed the dynamic character of the PF Scandal for a jar of marmalade, you can use the vibrant and contemporary manuscript in many other settings.
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Burford Rustic (Kimmy Design)

 Burford Rustic
On a trip to Europe, Kimmy Kirkwood was inspired by the diverse old typography on signs and billboards and went on to design Burford Rustic. The styles are conceived as an overlay and can be combined so as to achieve different effects.
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Chiavettieri (Kostic Type Foundry)

A slight contrast in stroke width, angles in the inside of the bowls and strong serifs mark the character of the humanistic Chiavettieri by Nikola Kostić. Use the well-equipped font, which comes with three weights, for long texts, for example, or in books, magazines or on the Web.
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Mina Chic (Resistenza)

 Mina Chic
The extravagant calligraphic font Mina Chic wants to be a star and it picks up on the aesthetics of pop music in the 1960s. Big swings and a strong contrast lend the font a noble flair.
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Ethereum (CyberGraphics)

With Ethereum, Jan Erasmus tries to simulate the expression and character of the Cyrillic font with Latin letters. The result boasts interesting, medieval flair, which is well-suited to fairy tales or fantasy stories, for example.
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LeOsler (Antipixel)

The font family LeOsler comprises various, very casual, almost childish fonts with hand-painted letters. In some cases designed as a thin monolinear, in others with irregular paint application, the various styles cover a very wide variety of applications. Styles with fitting pictograms round off the font.
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