New font releases in June 2015

New arrivals June 2015: the vibrant and well-equipped brush script In and Out, the technical and futuristic Systopie and other fonts

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Saya Serif (Fontyou)

 Saya Serif
Lean letters with very fine serifs lend the Antiqua Saya Serif by Joana Correia and Adrien Midzic an elegant look that works in text as well as in display sizes. Saya Serif is very well equipped with six weights, each with a matching italic, and complements the Saya Sans and Saya SemiSans family.

In And Out (Fenotype)

 In And Out
The lively brush-lettered In And Out by Emil Karl Bertell is available in three weights and has an extra style with ornaments. Take advantage of the numerous swash variants, ligatures and letter alternatives to create a rich and varied typeface.

Nanami (ThinkDust)

Structured forms give the sans serif Nanami by Alex Haigh a technical, somewhat cool character. The unobtrusive font is available in eight widths, each with matching italic, and is complemented by two Outline styles.

Voltage (Laura Worthington)

With Voltage, based on the promotional literature from the automotive industry of the 1950s, Laura Worthington has designed a strong and vibrant brush font. With many alternate characters, swash variants, ligatures and decorations, you can design diverse logos, titles, and headings.

Pratt Nova (ShinnType)

 Pratt Nova
Many small graphical peculiarities and more narrowly designed letters lend Pratt Nova by Nick Shinn an expressive, almost opulent appearance. Endowed with a number of line widths, matching italic versions and extra styles for title and text layout, you as a designer can draw on almost unlimited resources.

Joya (Wischer Design)

The font collection Joya offers you a variety of fonts of completely different styles, allowing you to solve any number of professional tasks. For example, use the elegant script fonts American Script, English Script or French Script for fine invitations or greeting cards and the additional symbols of the pictogram styles. Or create powerful headlines with the Sans Bold.

Wanderlust Letters (Cultivated Mind)

 Wanderlust Letters
Dynamic letter shapes and the slightly irregular outline give the hand-painted brush font Wanderlust Letters by Cindy Kinash a very natural and lively character. Ligatures, alternative characters and countless ornaments and catchwords from an additional style make for a varied design.

Basel Neue (Isaco Type)

 Basel Neue
A clear contrast in stroke width and curved shapes lend the sans serif Basel Neue by Isac Rodrigues a friendly and warm flair. The result of a revision of the Basel Sans ITD, the family is available in four weights, each with an italic. Some nice ornaments round out the available characters.

Systopie (Sardiez)

With a slight contrast in stroke width and rounded shapes, Sergio Ramírez has given his structured Systopie a friendly and open character, despite a technical and futuristic feel. The missing points over the “i” in the font, which is available in four weights with matching italics, are particularly noteworthy.

Sinfonieta (Sudtipos)

The brush font Sinfonieta by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul conjures up a uniform, elegant rhythm on paper. The font is well equipped with many alternate characters and can be used, for example, in packaging design or logos.

Brigitta Normal (Autographis Collection)

 Brigitta Normal
The elegant calligraphic font Brigitta Normal by Gert Wiescher was created with a Japanese brush on very rough paper. Its irregular edges take some of the sternness out of the font and lend it an interesting, vintage look.

Clinica (Mint Type)

Clinica by Andriy Konstantynov is based on the great predecessors of Swiss typography. In this case, however, the extremely neutral letters are supplemented here and there with a minute, lively detail. The well-equipped font is available in eight weights with italic styles.

Keep Calm (K-type)

 Keep Calm
The now famous “Keep Calm” propaganda poster from the beginning of the second world war went unpublished until its rediscovery in 2000. It is the basis of the Keep Calm font family. The font, available in four weights, recalls the typical, structured character of the 1920s and 1930s.

BrushTip Travis (Joebob Graphics)

 BrushTip Travis
The dynamic, lively and slightly irregular letters of BrushTip Travis give the font a look that is at once elegant and quotidian. Use this font and its swash variants for posters, headlines or menus, for example.

Silver Script (Typedelic)

 Silver Script
The friendly and almost monolinear Silver Script by Ronna Penner consists of handwritten letters. In a second variation of the font, the line is a little more generous and sweeping, which gives the letters an almost poetic character.

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