New font releases in February 2015

Hot new fonts with good typographic support for your projects

Let us introduce you to some of the newcomers that have appeared recently. We have selected for you text and headline fonts, small and large font families and some truly eye-catching calligraphic fonts. With the help of these newborn and striking typefaces, you will not only be able to supplement your tools of the trade but create a contemporary inventory to facilitate that perfect design.

Thirsty Soft (Yellow Design Studio)

Ryan Martinson’s fonts Thirsty Script and Thirsty Script Rough have been complemented by the well-supported Thirsty Soft, a softer and warmer version with an extra-vintage feel.

Floral Script (Wiescher Design)

Gert Wiescher’s Floral Script is derived from English copperplate calligraphy but adds floral decorations to the uppercase letters. The extravagant Floral Script is particularly effective in the larger point sizes.

Silver (Fenotype)

Silver, by Emil Bertell, offers more than 1000 glyph variants, swash uppercase characters and ligatures ensuring that it can be used to create both a uniform and diversified typographic effect. The range of glyphs is completed by a variant with ornamentations.

Berenjena (PampaType)

Berenjena by Javier Quintana Godoy has been designed as a book and reading font. The vibrant forms of Berenjena combine perfect legibility with a lyrical charm that can be used to express the imagination inherent in a story through its typography.

Lettre (Latinotype)

The irregular outlines of the fabricated slab serif Lettre by Pablo Sinn give it the appearance of a hand-drawn font while also evoking the letters produced by a mechanical typewriter. And it is this subtle retro effect that actually makes Lettre into a very contemporary font.

Cintra (Graviton)

Finely rounded corners provide Pablo Balcells’ fabricated grotesque font Cintra with a soft and pleasant appearance. Various styles with outlines, stencil and unicase forms can be used to create enticing, multicolored effects.

Bodoni Sans/Sans Text/Sans Display (Jason Vandenberg)

It is with considerable care that Jason Vandenberg has modified the glyph forms in order to transform the elegant and self-confident Bodoni into a sans serif. Bodoni Sans is available in three styles to ensure that the best possible effect can be achieved in all point sizes.

Ilya FY (Font You)

The soft triangular serifs of Ilya FY by Samy Halim and Antoine Elsensohn endow it with a warm and friendly character that is particularly apparent when it is used to create headlines and logos or is used on signboards.

KG Only Human (Kimberly Geswein)

Tiny ornamental adornments and a marked contrast give the connected characters of Kimberly Geswein’s KG Only Human an animated and somewhat playful appearance.

KG Manhattan Script (Kimberly Geswein)

With the aid of marked contrasts in line weight and a large x-height, Kimberley Geswein has provided KG Manhattan Script with a compact and powerful effect and slight retro feel.

Sassoon Infant (Sasson Williams)

Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams have designed Sassoon Infant in the style of fonts used in schoolbooks in the early 20th century. Its soft and rounded outlines provide the font with an almost ornamental effect.

Sassoon Montessori (Sassoon Williams)

The clear, amiable and readily legible characters of Sassoon Montessori were designed with the results of writing lessons in mind. Thanks to its rounded line terminals and slightly irregular forms, it has the characteristics of handwriting.

Sofya (Gaslight Type Foundry)

A wealth of ligatures supplemented by several ornaments ensure that Roman Shchyukin’s Sofya has a very individual, lively and amusing character. Sofya can be used, for example, on packaging, restaurant menus and to set magazine titles.

Raven (Bitstream)

Holly Goldsmith has dispensed with all rounded forms and used only spiky lines to create her font Raven, creating a sinister feel that adds a touch of the Gothic. There are even several raven silhouettes that can be used to emphasize this atmosphere.

Leftheria (SeaTypes)

When designing the very condensed, geometric Leftheria, Jefferson Cortinove was inspired by the form of classical Greek columns. A much extended x-height additionally accentuates the vertical attributes of this font that is available in three weights.

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