The most popular new releases of 2014 - Font Features

The most popular new releases of 2014

Many of the numerous fonts published last year on have been very popular with our clients. You have used the innovative, contemporary and sophisticated new releases to master large projects and breathe new life into your typographic designs. The following eight families were our bestsellers. If these fonts have escaped your attention, take another look; we can guarantee that you won’t go astray with these contemporary, on-trend designs.

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The Top 2014 Selection DIN Next Slab contains the Ultra Light, Ultra Light Italic, Regular, Italic and Heavy styles of this modern and formal slab serif.
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The Top 2014 Selection Quire Sans contains the Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic and Bold styles of this unique font with perfect legibility.
You can download the Top 2014 Selection Quire Sans directly here.

The Top 2014 Selection Quitador contains the Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic and Ultra Bold styles of this slab serif with a reliable and confident character.
You can download the Top 2014 Selection Quitador directly here.

The eight most popular new releases 2014

1. DIN Next Slab

The successful and popular DIN Next gets a sibling with DIN Next Slab. Developed by Akira Kobayashi in collaboration with Sandra Winter and Tom Grace, the font is an additional expansion to the family. Its geometric slab serifs emphasize the central design elements of the formal font. Not in the least thanks to the perfect compatibility of the different DIN Next styles, this new, unobtrusive font offers you countless applications in headlines and text.

2. Quire Sans

The humanist sans serif Quire Sans by Jim Ford, trimmed for optimum readability, is more than just a book font. With the extensive selection of weights, you can use the font for headlines or text setting. Depending on the context, Quire Sans can be subtle, robust or graceful. Last but not least, the universal font can stand up to the difficult environment of guidance systems. In this way, Quire Sans is your ideal partner for large projects and in corporate type.

3. Quitador

The sturdy and very well-equipped slab serif Quitador by Arne Freytag appears trustworthy, reliable and confident. Use the modern font for a variety of different applications. Thanks to its distinctive details, Quitador can set the tone in headlines, but is also easily legible in smaller font sizes. In the more narrow styles and the italic, the humanist character of Quitador is on display and lends the font a particularly friendly appearance.

4. Magma II

The revised Magma II by Sumner Stone, creator of the successful and popular ITC Stone, expands the potential of the diverse and friendly font with added language support. Magma II can be used universally, without hesitation. Take advantage of the font’s perfect legibility in longer texts, for example – although the lively and captivating details of Magma II also cut a great figure in headlines or advertisements.

5. Burlingame

Designed for navigation devices, Burlingame by Carl Crossgrove demonstrates optimum readability on screen. However, you can also use the font for print without problems. Its many, special design features provide for readability in smaller font sizes and add a very distinctive, individual character to headlines and logos. This makes Burlingame the ideal partner for modern projects that require the most from a font in print as well as on screen and the Web.

6. Mengelt Basel Antiqua

With his font Mengelt Basel Antiqua, Christian Mengelt recalls major characteristics of the Basel book fonts of the 16th century and creates a new Antiqua that is suitable for more than just challenging, scientific texts. The many, carefully coordinated details lend the historically-inspired font a unique character in the larger font sizes, which makes for a very particular charisma.

7. Bradley Texting

With Bradley Texting, Richard Bradley has published another font whose easily legible letters are optimized for use on handheld devices. Use the dynamic and clear forms of Bradley Texting anywhere you need a friendly character with a personal accent. Bradley Texting is not only a winner on electronic devices, but also cuts a great figure in print – in ads or on posters, for example.

8. Mantika Book

Mantika Book is an expansion of Jürgen Weltin’s super family, a contemporary serif font with a soft yet robust character and a certain old-fashioned feel. The primary application of this reading font is, as the name suggests, books. But thanks to its many distinctive details and its warm and welcoming appearance, you can use Mantika Book without hesitation in display sizes – in headlines or on posters, for example.
• Gross price 94,01 USD/EUR including German sales tax. The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts, who already receive a fixed price reduction.

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