Gorod.Plesetsk font family

The general idea: in the symbols of this font you'll find the starry sky and the northern lights, the meteorite tail, sparks shooting up from the rocket nozzle and even the sound of the wild northern forest.

Release: in the form of "gorod.Plesetsk" font with the four styles.

In the symbols of Normal and Bold styles the bright stars are flashing out, in Italic and Bold-Italic styles symbols you can clearly see the coniferous forest.

We should explain what the word "gorod" means. It is a "city of" in Russian.

The city of Plesetsk is hidden in northern Russian forests, in the Arkhangelsk region, near the coast of the White sea. For a long time the name "Plesetsk" wasn't known not only in the world, but also inside Russia. With a view of privacy the main base and range of the Russian rocket armies of strategic purpose was named Mirny city (Peace). The Plesetsk cosmodrome is an unique platform in the world for launching a space vehicles to a polar orbit.


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Gorod.Plesetsk Bold Italic

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Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: Pleset-w.ttf
Windows menu name: gorod.Plesetsk
PostScript name: , gorod.Plesetsk-BoldItalic
PostScript full name: , gorod.Plesetsk Bold Italic
Catalog number:


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