Font Designer – Martin Majoor

Martin Majoor has been designing fonts since the mid-1980s. After a student placement at URW in Hamburg, he started in 1986 as a typographic designer in the Research & Development department at OcĂ©-Netherlands. In 1988 he started working as a graphic designer for the Vredenburg Music Centre in Utrecht, for whom he created the typeface FF Scala for use in their printed matter. Two years later FontShop International published FF Scala as the first serious text face in the then-new FontFont-Library. In 1993 FF Scala was augmented with a sans-serif version, FF Scala Sans. In the eyes of the designer the Sans and the Serif versions complement each other admirably. They follow the same principle of form but are two distinct designs. In 1994 Majoor started working on the design of the Dutch telephone directory, for which he did both the typography and, more importantly, created a new typeface, Telefont. FF Seria and FF Seria Sans followed in 2000, and in 2004 FF Nexus with Sans, Serif, Mix and Typewriter versions have been published.
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