Font Designer – Ralph du Carrois

Three children, married, 179 cm, 79 kg, myopia and light dyschromatopsia

In 2003 Ralph founded the studio Carrois ( in Berlin together with his wife Jenny. He graduated with a diploma as a product designer at “HfG Karlsruhe” with his first large font family “PTL Maurea”.

Whilst designing Suzuki’s corporate typefaces, it became clear that his former focus on Graphic Design would rather switch to Type Design. From then on Carrois concentrated on designing and extending typefaces for multiple clients. In the first place for Erik Spiekermann and his companies. This cooperation gave rise to several typeface families. Such as: “FF Axel”, “Meta Science”, “Cisco”, ZDF-News”, “Fira” and “FF Real”. Carrois’ also worked for clients on his own. He designed the typefaces “Share” for TYPO 3 in 2005 and “NNG-Allzweck” for “Neue National Galerie Berlin” in 2010.

Though typefaces are tools for all kind of designers, they are also filled with emotion and character. That’s why Ralph’s new typefaces are named after protagonists of novels. Type is the link between the author’s idea and the manifestation of their imaginary characters in a novel. Via type those imaginary people can enter our reality. With a typeface named by such an imaginary character we come full circle.

In 2016 Ralph and his colleague Anja Meiners decided to build a new foundry together. The new company launched in May 2017 and is the continuation of a long term cooperation of Ralphs and Anjas team under the label “bBox type” ( Started with a bunch of large families, as there are “ABeZeh”, “Belbo”, “Krikikrak” the type founderies portfolio will grow continuously and will also offer typefaces from other designers.

Living and working in Berlin, Germany
* 1975 Füssen / Germany
type design, family, running

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