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Font Designer – Erik van Blokland

Erik van Blokland (1967) studied Graphic and Typographic Design at the Royal Academy for Fine and Applied Arts in The Hague, Netherlands. He started to team up with Just van Rossum under the name LetTeRror in Berlin, while working at MetaDesign. After experimenting with computer programming in connection to type design, they came up with FF Beowolf, the first typeface with a mind of its own. It was released by FontShop in July, 1990. The radical approach of FF Beowolf caused a lot of publicity for LeTterRor, and of course fame and fortune. Well, fame anyway. After stints at several places in the world, including David Berlow’s FontBureau, van Blokland settled in The Hague as an independent designer, working together separately with van Rossum. Their work now contains type design, illustration, magazines, corporate design, interactive design, animation, music, and websites. And lectures.
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