Aeris™ font family

Designed by  Tom Grace in 2010



Aeris, the versatile text face

Aeris Anwendungsbeispiel

Aeris typeface is a contemporary book face created by the American designer Tom Grace. It combines the proportions and rhythm of a sans serif font with the high contrasts and flexed strokes of script faces, while the open counters also ensure optimal legibility.

Aeris Anwendungsbeispiel Aeris font sample with Aeris B Italic, Regular, Bold

Tom Grace focuses on providing subtle differentiations in his cuts and, as a consequence, this font family has its own individual structure: there are A and B variants of the basic forms regular, italic, bold and bold italic, and a display version for use in titles that also comes in A and B variants.

Aeris Anwendungsbeispiel

It is advisable to use the A variant for larger font sizes, while the slightly more emphasized B variant can be recommended for smaller font sizes. Where the basic forms are to be mixed together in a work, it is important to use the corresponding A/B variants throughout as their designs have been carefully coordinated.

Aeris Anwendungsbeispiel Aeris font sample with Aeris Title A Bold/Aeris Title A Italic and Aeris A Italic

Aeris is available in the OpenType Pro format and thus includes a wide range of different glyphs. The font family can be used in various environments, such as books, magazines, advertisements and promotional materials, but it is also the perfect choice for printed corporate documentation.

Aeris Anwendungsbeispiel Aeris fonts sample with Aeris Title B Bold and Aeris B Regular, Bold, Bold Italic

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