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The agony of choice: finding a matching font for your design.
The search filter on can help

When faced with the challenge of finding a suitable typeface, we often stick to fonts that we know for reasons of comfort. At the same time, the font marketplace is so extensive that it is easy to stand out from the crowd with a fresh design. The search filter on helps you to quickly and easily limit the wide range of fonts to your liking.
Access the search filter by clicking on the little word "Search" in the header area of the page, or enter a search item in the search box.

On the following page, you will see the results of your search in the right pane. You can limit the search results by using the search filters on the left. Designed as pop-up menus, the filters allow you to select creative as well as technical categories to refine your search.
For example, under "Typographic Categories" you can select the basic type of design and choose fonts with or without serifs, handwriting or calligraphy.

Other technical categories allow you to specify the file format, available typographic symbols and functions or supported languages.

It gets really exciting in the creative categories, in which you can restrict fonts by usage or theme. You are looking for a font for a corporate design or a magazine? No problem. You can just as easily find fonts that are festive, cool, technical or medieval in character. Or maybe you need a design for Valentine’s Day? Simply use the search filter.

You can combine settings as you wish. The results in the right pane update automatically and, in the end, you’ll find just the right fonts for your project.

Go ahead and search and be inspired. You might find something new, unusual and fresh. Familiarize yourself with the search filter along the way ... we can guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for!