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Font Designer: Laura Worthington
Al Fresco was drafted by designer Laura Worthington in 2013 and is a light typeface with a simultaneous strong expression. Its effect is particularly evident in the capitals, which were especially important to the designer during the design process. Al Fresco is equipped with countless letter alternatives, ligatures, swash variants and decorative elements. This makes the font particularly rich in variety: the font can radiate a simple, youthful and modern look and feel through the minimal use of the alternatives; or the decorative character variants can make Al Fresco appear classic and noble.
In this way, Al Fresco can be used for a variety of ways on a variety of projects. Whether for packaging design, logo fonts, or on shop fronts, it always evokes a carefree, casual and warm atmosphere – the significance of which is reflected in the name. Translated from the Italian “al fresco” means roughly “outdoors”, “in the open air”.

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