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Satero Sans

Werner Schneider Selection

Werner Schneider Selection: Available as Value Pack for instant download for only .

Werner Schneider Selection

Some details about this month’s fabulous five:

Satero Sans Medium
A solid, tensile, and open humanist sans that, owing to its modest weight would perform equally well in short bursts of text like pull quotes and intro’s, and strong, legible headlines.

Satero Sans Medium Italic
The perfect accompaniment to Satero Sans Medium. A stylish but unfussy italic that remains legible at small sizes, and performs strongly in titles and headings.

Satero Serif Medium
The serif side of the Satero family is equally accomplished. Asymmetric serifs, a number of alternate glyphs and ligatures, small caps, and old style figures make for a versatile font with numerous applications.

Vialog Bold
Based on unpublished designs for the German Federal Transportation Ministry, Vialog is the result of comprehensive legibility studies. Perfect for signage and way-finding, great for display and, owing to its high legibility, a fine choice for text too.

Sunetta Magic
A lovely, bold, free-flowing, and energetic brush script that dances across the page. A wonderful choice for packaging, for invitations, posters, or for a heading that demands attention.

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