Contemporary and festive calligraphic
script fonts

The special touch for your designs:
contemporary and festive calligraphic fonts


Inevitably, Christmas is drawing ever closer and the production of greetings cards, Christmas invitations and all sorts of season-related designs will soon be going into overdrive. What is usually required is a personal and festive − in some cases dignified and traditional − effect, all of which can be achieved with ease using calligraphic fonts. The unbelievable variety available in the form of calligraphic fonts will also provide you with extensive flexibility for your designs. Whether you are looking to give a personal and casual or traditional and festive touch, there are appropriate calligraphic fonts that will help you create the right effect. Not only that, but many of the fonts also have numerous alternative characters that will enable you to create a diverse and individual text effect and set headlines that are almost like logos.
With our readers in mind, we have chosen a selection of what we consider to be particularly attractive and seasonal calligraphic fonts from the Autographis Collection of Gert Wiescher that we portray in more detail below. But like some other things, these fonts are not just for Christmas − they also cut a good figure in other contexts.


With its stylish and regular letters, the basic forms of Annabella are reminiscent of those of classic English copperplate. Drawn on rough-textured aquarelle paper, it has an uneven outline, giving it an antiquarian feel. Annabelle can be seen from its best side when used in larger point sizes as its structure can then be better appreciated.


Very generous and extensive swashes characterize the elegant and ornamental Astria. The font is given additional dynamism by the marked contrast in stroke weight. A particularly pleasing effect is created when the swashes from different lines become superimposed.


An extreme contrast in stroke thickness and numerous tiny curlicues and swashes provide Chloe with a powerful, energetic and somewhat playful character. Its special and very charming nature is best appreciated in the larger point sizes.

Moon Love

The separate characters of Moon Love dominated by rounded forms are dynamic and cheerful, although also a little whimsical and childish. The drop-like line terminals provide an additional focus and an individual touch to this linear font.

Obsession A

The spiky and contrast-rich letters of Obsession A seem to have been written with a quill and will give your designs a self-conscious and stylish character. The fine, ornamental decorations are particularly apparent on the uppercase letters of the spirited Obsession A and these give the font additional energy.

True Love

The extensive quill script font True Love lives up to its name, being almost as exuberant and light-hearted as young love itself. Genial letters that terminate in curvaceous and extensive lines give a warm and very buoyant feel. And, of course, there is a tittle over the ā€˜iā€™ that is in the shape of a heart.


Ysadora is rather more reticent. Although the beveled terminals of the font have little ornamentation, the font still produces an engaging and lively rhythm on the page. In comparison with fonts like True Love, Ysadora seems almost abstemious.

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