Type Gallery – PMN Caecilia

Font Designer: Peter Matthias Noordzij
PMN Caecilia® is the debut work of Dutch designer Peter Matthias Noordzij and is named after his wife, preceded by his initials. Before Linotype published the complete family in 1990, the first designs for the PMN Caecilia came about during his studies in 1983.

Noordzij emphasizes the humanist basic form of the letters, thus creating a reader-friendly slab serif that is also very suitable for long texts. The low contrast in the stroke width and a large x-height give PMN Caecilia a solid and timeless character and help the font achieve perfect legibility, even in the small font sizes.
The well-equipped font is available in four weights – from Light to Heavy – and thus cuts a good figure in text as well as headlines. PMN Caecilia covers numerous, very diverse application scenarios. All styles have a carefully designed, genuine italic, in which the letters take on a rounder and more dynamic form.

The selection of characters included in PMN Caecilia is also exemplary. The OpenType Compact format not only covers Western, but also many Central European languages. An optimized eText version is available for editions on digital media.
PMN Caecilia is a modern slab serif that offers everything you need for professional and expressive typography.

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