New font releases in October 2014 - Font News

New font releases in October 2014

Informal and fun fonts for your enjoyment

Be inspired! We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you from recent new arrivals. Expand your inventory with fresh, modern and trendy fonts and come with us on a journey through very different genres.

Adorn Bouquet, Adorn Garland
(Laura Worthington)

Both fonts by Laura Worthington belong to the Adorn extended family, which comes with everything you need to create greeting cards and wedding invitations. The particularly unusual design of the handwritten Adorn Bouquet font is original and lively. Over 240 swash alternatives underscore the varied word image.
Adorn Garland, on the other hand, is very dynamic and far-reaching with a slight historical flair. The sprawling letters create a baseline that can be used as a break or even a decorative line on the page.

Eveleth (Yellow Design Studio)

The upper-case Eveleth by Ryan Martinson simulates a partial print on rough paper. Very high resolution vectors make the effect appear even more natural in the larger font sizes, as well.

Gentona (Rene Bieder)

The well-equipped sans serif Gentona by Rene Bieder combines contemporary design with the clear and neutral charisma of Swiss typography. Designed with a large x-height, Gentona is a winner in many applications, even in small font sizes.

Quadon (Rene Bieder)

The basic shape of the slab serif Quadon by Rene Bieder is based on the square sans, thus offering a modern interpretation of the serif fonts. Well-equipped with nine weights, Quadon is ready for numerous tasks.

Remsen Script (Three Island Press)

The noble but lively calligraphic font Remsen Script is based on a historical template from the period before the American Civil War. A great contrast in the stroke thickness and very fine, drawn out lines lend this font its special character.

Boucle Round, Plain und Loopy (TypografieRamis)

The monolinear Boucle font family by Ramiz Guseynov offers three different styles. The plain styles contain the styled basic shape of the letters. Small loops in the Round- and Loopy styles recall the shapes of a writing font. In addition, the ends are rounded in Boucle Round.

Belleville (Fontyou)

Benjamin Lieb and Gia Tran’s extended Belleville family unites the styles of art nouveau, graffiti art and old wooden alphabet letters from the 19th century with the modern slab serif. Four different font styles bring different characteristics to the foreground.

Café Brasil (Sofia Mohr)

Inspired by the shape of coffee beans, Sofia Mohr designed the font Café Brasil to represent coffee on restaurant menus, packaging and logos. Many ligatures capture the flair as well as the foam and steam of a good cup of coffee.

Hoofer Brush (Scholtz Fonts)

Hoofer Brush is also a dynamic font with interconnected letters like Hoofer Line. A clear contrast in the weights makes for a slight retro flair in the font and ensures additional liveliness.

Hoofer Sans (Scholtz Fonts)

Hoofer by Anton Scholtz is a large family with a total of 28 handwritten fonts in different styles. Hoofer Sans provides separate, monolinear letters and can be used for sub-headlines or body text, for example.

Hoofer Line (Scholtz Fonts)

Hoofer Line was designed without variations in stroke thickness. Use the flowing, dynamic and informal shapes for headings or in packaging design, for example.

Cantiga (Isaco Type)

Clear forms and a low contrast in the stroke width make up the understated but vivid character of Cantiga from Isac Rodrigues. Many interesting details come to life in the larger font sizes. With over 40 styles, the font not only covers different weights, but also provides Italic and Condensed variants.

Mayence (Isaco Type)

Over 430 ligatures that cover typical letter combinations from many different languages lend Mayence by Isac Rodrigues a very realistic and natural appearance. Small irregularities such as calligraphic errors and inconsistent ink coverage reinforce the very much dynamic character of the handwriting font.

Monarcha (Isaco Type)

A large x-height, open counters and a moderate contrast in the weights make Monarcha from Isac Rodrigues the perfect reading font. The rounded shapes lend the font – which recalls the Baroque era – a very warm and friendly appearance, even in the small font sizes.

Manwriting (Miller Type Foundry)

Manwriting by Richard Miller imitates a legible, friendly and dynamic handwritten font. Hundreds of ligatures not only support the natural character of the font, but also lend variety to the typeface.

Zennat (Latinotype)

Extremely bold letters and bold slab serifs characterize the upper-case font Zennat by Diego Aravena Silo. Inspired by the Chilean typography, the styles of the font offer various letter designs.

Bitner (The Northern Block)

Reduced letter forms based on a square sans give Bitner by Jonathan Hill a contemporary look. The font name, which refers to the extraction of the digital currency derived from Bitcoin mining, is quite modern. A fitting currency symbol for Bitcoin also included, of course.

Aaux (T.26)

The very neutral and restrained style of Aaux by Neil Summerour is universally applicable. While the upright sections recall the DIN with their somewhat technical character, the true italic styles lend your designs a very lively and dynamic flair.

GTY Garishing Worse (The Fontry)

The implied hand-painted character of the bold letters of the GTY Garishing Worse by Michael Gene Adkins lends the font a lively and friendly personality.

Budmo (Typodermic)

The multi-layer font Budmo by Ray Larabie picks up the aesthetics of disco and neon fonts of the 1970s. With the basic shapes, outlines and dots that are separated into styles, you can create multi-colored designs simply.

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