Neue Frutiger

Details, Highlights, and Optimization

More styles increase the scope of possible applications
In particular, Neue Frutiger® offers 10 finely-graded styles, ensuring the perfect range of thicknesses.

Arrows in the right weight for every style
Adrian Frutiger himself was responsible for drafting the templates for all of Neue Frutiger’s arrows.

The perfect mix, guaranteed
The Neue Frutiger has the same character height as Frutiger. As a result of this, already existing Frutiger styles can be enhanced by the Neue Frutiger. Likewise, Neue Frutiger is perfect for use alongside Frutiger Serif.

Guaranteed miscibility of Frutiger and New Frutiger thanks to identical character heights.
The Frutiger Serif also fits perfectly in terms of optical height.

Improved spacing
The spacing of the Neue Frutiger has also been improved. In light of this, Neue Frutiger breaks away from the old template restrictions which the Frutiger digital versions had inherited. The result creates an extremely balanced and even alignment which speaks entirely for itself.

Top: Neue Frutiger. Bottom: the original Frutiger. The spacing of Neue Frutiger shows significant revision over the original Frutiger. In light of this, Neue Frutiger breaks away from the old template restrictions which the current Frutiger digital fonts had inherited.

Improved legibility
In comparison, the Neue Frutiger features more sharply defined hairlines. This structural measure prevents undesired thickening while significantly improving the optical quality, especially in smaller point sizes. The forms of other characters were also revised to ensure that they fulfil the same legibility criteria.

Neue Frutiger’s improvements (Neue Frutiger in grey, Frutiger as outlines).

Improved accents
The old generic accented character forms have been revised. They function better now, especially in smaller point sizes.

The stroke thickness of the copyright, trademark, and @ symbols has been reduced. The new Euro form no longer collides with other figures. Alternative were created for the ampersand and and the German double s.

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