Aeonis™ font family


Erik Faulhaber Selection

Erik Faulhaber Selection: Available as Value Pack for instant download for only .

Erik Faulhaber Selection

This Value Pack brings together five fonts from German designer Erik Faulhaber. Two weights from the Aeonis™ family, plus three from Generis®. The Value Pack is an inexpensive way to expand your library with quality fonts.

Well, here they are, our Fantastic five:

Aeonis Black
A heavyweight starter from the Aeonis family. A strong contemporary sans serif display type.

Aeonis Extended Thin
This thin weight of Aeonis really brings out the underlying tension in the letterforms. An elegant and modern display type, or a light and airy type for short bursts of text. A fine, contrasting accompaniment to Aeonis black.

All Aeonis fonts include an alternative open A (no crossbar), making it a great choice for contemporary logotypes. (See examples below.)
Other typefaces with an open A are included in the Linotype Syntax® Lapidar Font Families ( Linotype Syntax Lapidar Display, Linotype Syntax Lapidar Serif Display, Linotype Syntax Lapidar Serif Text, Linotype Syntax Lapidar Text) and in Pacifica, a condensed upper case letter font from the NicePrice Font Collection.

Generis Slab Medium
A sturdy slab serif suited to setting extended texts. Its chiseled forms also work well at larger sizes.

Generis Sans Heavy Italic
Strong, dynamic, and heavy without feeling cramped. A fine display accompaniment to Generis or Generis Slab.

Generis Simple Regular
Tall x-height, large eye, and open forms make for a practical, clean, contemporary sans serif that is suitable for both print and screen.

All of the Generis fonts come with broad character sets, small caps, and everything else you’d expect from quality OpenType fonts.

Here are some logo designs in which an open A was used:

Logo designs