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Harmonia Sans™ font family

Designed by  Jim Wasco in 2010

Up to 30 Typefaces / 12 Value Packs
Supports at least 21 languages (Std / OT CFF)

Available licenses for all styles:

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Supports up to 83 languages.

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Supports up to 14 OpenType features.

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Harmonia Sans

Harmonia Sans – geometry with a twist

Harmonia Sans usage sample

Jim Wasco carefully analyzed his favorite geometric sans, classics like Wilhelm Pischner’s DIN Neuzeit® Grotesk, Paul Renner’s Futura®, and Herb Lubalin’s ITC Avant Garde Gothic®; and crafted a confident, legible monoline, contemporary sans serif that is neutral and legible, but with enough character and poise to sing on the page.

The result is Harmonia Sans™, a balanced and harmonious geometric sans with a twist – its proportions making for a friendlier, more dynamic typeface, that performs well in print and on screen. A great alternative to the numerous geometric sans serifs.
Harmonia Sans usage sample
Seventeen typefaces, in five weights from light through black – a comprehensive and versatile family of 17 fonts! It even comes in a monospaced version – an ideal choice for coders.
Harmonia Sans usage sample

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