Neue Frutiger® font family

Designed by  Adrian Frutiger in 2009
Akira Kobayashi in 2009

Neue Frutiger

Neue Frutiger Value Pack

Neue Frutiger Value Pack: Available as Value Pack for instant download for only .

Neue Frutiger Value Pack

This Value Pack is a great way to start using this wonderful family of fonts from the Platinum Collection. Or, perhaps you have some of the weights already and wish to expand your repertoire. Learn more about Neue Frutiger.

These fonts are included in the Neue Frutiger Value Pack:

Neue Frutiger Book


Neue Frutiger Book Italic
(great for crisp, clean text settings);

Neue Frutiger Condensed Medium


Neue Frutiger Ultra Light
(perfect for headings, captions and display);

and, the icing on the cake,

Frutiger Serif Regular
(the perfect serif accompaniment, and a great text face).