New font releases in July 2014 - Font News

New font releases in July 2014

Calligraphy fonts with a retro feel and other exciting new arrivals

Digital calligraphy fonts are as diverse as their written counterparts. From the new arrivals, we have put together numerous, very diverse cursive fonts for you.
Along with fonts that have a retro look and feel, you’ll find other exciting text
and headline fonts.

Abolition (Hold Fast Foundry)

The narrow upper-case font Abolition is based on a structured Gothic and recalls
stencil lettering. Different styles, in which the letters consist of more or less
pronounced curves, coarse outlines or a thin line pattern, provide for variations
to the basic letter format.

Business Penmanship (Sudtipos)

With Business Penmanship, Alejandro Paul has created a digital translation of
a calligraphy font for business correspondence that was very popular in the
19th century. The dynamic and somewhat ornamental font is available in two
weights and has alternate letters, swash variants and start and end shapes.

Elizabeth Script (Kimmy Design)

Round, stout letters with a high degree of contrast among the weights characterize the Elizabeth Script from Kimmy Kirkwood, which recalls a brush script. Alternative swash letters help you design a word image that is rich in variety.

Lunchbox Slab/Ornaments (Kimmy Design)

Practically countless ligatures and alternative characters lend the hand-painted slab serif Lunchbox Slab by Kimmy Kirkwood an extremely realistic and diverse appearance. Decorate your designs with nearly 200 ornaments from the extra Ornaments style.

Korataki (Typodermic)

The letters of Korataki by Ray Larabie, rectangular, rounded and very wide, have
a futuristic character. From Ultra Light to Extra Bold, the font is available in seven weights, each with an Italic.

Bodoni Classic Fleurs (Wiescher Design)

The Bodoni variation Bodoni Classic Fleurs by Gert Wiescher edges on stylish kitsch.
The upper-case letters, combined with tiny pictures of flowers, are generally available
in multiple variants.

Felicita (Wiescher Design)

The strokes in Felicita by Gert Wiescher are very thin and lend the calligraphy font
a very lively and almost joyous character. The nonetheless noble-looking font has countless letter alternatives, swash variants and ornaments, with which you can
design word marks as well as a diverse word image.

Consuelo (Latinotype)

The letters of Consuelo by Eli Hernández, painstakingly written by hand, demonstrate light contrast among the weights and in this way recall a thin brush font. In addition
to the smoothly filled lines, there are various font variations, such as one with rough contours, for example.

Gist/Gist Rough (Yellow Design Studio)

Gist by Ryan Martinson deftly blends a monolinear slab serif with the flair of a calligraphy font. A thin internal line supports the resulting retro character.
Styles in various weights also have overlay letters available, which enable you
to color in the thin line.

LTC Bodoni (Lanston Type)

This variant of Bodoni was originally adapted by Sol Hess for Lanston’s Monotype typesetting machine. It was later digitalized by Paul Hunt.

LTC Swing (Lanston Type)

The dynamic calligraphy font LTC Swing by Sol Hess exudes a pure retro feel.
The inclined and connected letters have a visual rhythm that is entirely unique.

P22 Allyson (IHOF)

The old Hazel Script from Barnhart Bros. & Spindler serves as a predecessor to this font. The modern and expanded conversion P22 Allyson from Paul Hunt has a noble,
yet personal character.

P22 Broadwindsor (IHOF)

P22 Broadwindsor simulates a historic handwritten font on rough paper. Ted Staunton originally designed it for a historical novel.

P22 Canterbury (IHOF)

TedTed StauntonStaunton’s P22 Canterbury recalls the Gothic fonts of the late Middle Ages.
The letters, written on rough paper, are available in four weights.

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