New font releases in June 2014

New arrivals and fonts of diverse characters

We have selected some large font families for you from the new arrivals this month. Use these new Antiqua, Square Serif and Slab Serif fonts for various tasks in typesetting. Apart from that, you’ll find some dynamic handwriting and exciting headline fonts here.

Delicatta (dooType)

Sweepingly designed letters with a high degree of contrast in the weights and dynamic ligatures characterize Delicatta from Eduilson Wessler Coan. Alternative letters and ligatures help you create a varied word image.

Encorpada Pro (dootype)

The well-equipped Encorpada from Eduilson Wessler Coan picks up on the basic forms of Didone and connects them with floral elements that in some cases recall the
Art-Deco epoch of the early 20th century. Use Encorpada Pro as a lively, modern and noble interpretation of Didone.

Fluence (dootype)

The calligraphic font Fluence from Eduilson Wessler Coan has generous proportions, rounded forms and prominent line ends. The font, available in three weights, is best suited to designs that call for rhythm and personality.

Maestra (dootype)

Derived from the engraved copper plate fonts, Maestra from Eduilson Wessler Coan demonstrates a very noble character, which is emphasized by the high degree of contrast in the weights.

Ninfa (dootype)

The semi-serif Ninfa and the Ninfa Serif share the same foundational letter shapes. Eduilson Wessler Coan’s design combines the Antiqua with calligraphic influences that are most easily recognizable in the bolder styles.

Anglecia (Mint Type)

The Anglecia font system from Andriy Konstantynov comprises three serif families, all of which build on the same basic letter structure. Fine variations in the proportions and weight contrast optimize the individual members for specific use in text, titles and displays.

Pancetta/Pancetta Serif (Mint Type)

Lightly rounded line ends lend the Pancetta Square Sans by Andriy Konstantynov
a friendly character. Pancetta Serif is based on the same basic letter shape.

La Chic (Cultivated Mind)

La Chic from Cindy Kinash is marked by hand-painted forms and an extreme contrast in the weights. Numerous alternative letters, swash, initial and final shapes offer you a wide repertoire for variations. Decorative elements and individually designed words round out the selection.

Abril Titling (TypeTogether)

While Abril Titling from Veronika Burian and José Scaglione was developed originally as a title font for the Abril font system, the solid slab serif also cuts a great figure as a text font. Four weights in four widths, each with an italic, make for a typographical universe in which you are guaranteed to find the fitting Abril Titling style for your designs, whether they be for a text or a headline.

Modum (The Northern Block)

Modum is a stylish, modern Antiqua with a lot of charm, harmony and functionality. Use the well-equipped family for complex, hierarchical projects like magazines, newspapers and books.

Breitkopf Fraktur (MacCampus)

With their Breitkopf Fraktur, Sebastian Kempgen and Sascha Selke have made available a digital version of the black-letter font designed by the famous Leipzig printer Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf in 1793. They also expanded the number of symbols and ornaments.

Glagol (MacCampus)

Apart from the letters of the Glagoliza, the oldest Slavic font, Glagol by Sebastian Kempgen also contains Latin characters that imitate deftly the glagolitic letters.
Use Glagol and its historic, somewhat mystical flair in headlines or logos, for example.

Cressida (Nickʼs Fonts)

The motto of Cressida from Nick Curtis is back to the 60s. Inspired by the old
ITC font Triline, Curtis designed a less technical, more rounded and friendlier version of the font consisting of three parallel lines.

Meritage (Aerotype)

Stephen Miggas’ dynamic calligraphic font Meritage, composed of a combination of thick and thin lines, is best suited to transmitting a personal message, with its cheerful and friendly style. Countless letter alternatives and several pictograms make for
a diverse typographical design.

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