Font Designer – William Starling Burgess

William Starling Burgess was born on December 25, 1878 in Boston, Massachusetts and died in 1947 in Hoboken. He was an American yacht, air plane and car designer. He and two partners founded the company Burgess Co. in 1911 to build land and seaplanes. He sold the company and in 1922 founded the company Burgess, Swasey & Paine in Boston with partners. This design company closed in 1926 and Burgess moved to Burgess & Morgan, Ltd. as a partner. From 1935, he worked as a freelance yacht designer and in 1942 as a civil engineer at the aeronautics department of the Marines. In 1946 he ended up at the Stevens Institute of Technology. According to research by Mike Parker, he drafted a font for Lanston Monotype in 1904 that formed the basis of Times New Roman.
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