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Blue Plaque font family

Designed by  Keith Bates

Up to 1 Family
Supports at least 21 languages (Std / OT CFF)

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Supports up to 53 languages.

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No OpenType features available

Blue Plaque is a distressed font that simulates the low relief, white-painted lettering on English Heritage plaques attached to buildings where famous people have lived.

For creating mock plaques, a blank disk, with the English Heritage title at the top and the logo at the bottom, is included at the brace left { keystroke, and also at the section § keystroke.

A blank plaque without the English Heritage title and logo is included at the bar | keystroke.

A distressed English Heritage logo is included at the asterisk * keystroke.

he outer ring of the blue plaques, which is glazed in dark grey, is included at the brace right } keystroke, and also at the plusminus ± keystroke.

Photoshop's Outer Bevel Layer Style is perfect for adding a relief appearance to the letters.

Buyers are welcome to request a 1000px jpeg image of a blank blue plaque by emailing K-Type directly https://www.k-type.com/contact/

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