Klitschko vs. Illiteracy

KLITSCHKO vs. ILLITERACY – an alphabet against illiteracy.

After dipping his feared fists in blue paint, Wladimir Klitschko, holder of four major heavyweight boxing titles, has punched the 26 letters of the alphabet individually on canvas.
A digital version of this fist-painted alphabet is now available for free at Linotype.com.

If you want to support Wladimir Klitschko in his fight against illiteracy, just send the text message ABC to 81190 and contribute 2,60 € (plus 17 ct technical fees & text message costs).

Click here to download Wladimir’s font for free.

All the money raised is used to fund educational projects for children.

Klitschko vs. Illiteracy is a project by the Klitschko Brothers Foundation in cooperation with the German charity organisation BILD hilft e.V. Ein Herz für Kinder.

Further information on: www.klitschko-vs-illiteracy.com