New font releases in January 2014 - Font News

New font releases in January 2014

Fascinating headline fonts and other new releases

With our readers in mind, we have again selected a number of what we consider to be exceptional fonts from the vast number of new releases. If you are looking for an unusual headline font, particularly inventive calligraphic scripts or original font families, find what you need among our selection below.

KG Melonheadz (Kimberley Geswein Fonts)

The letters of KG Melonheadz have been carefully drawn by hand by their designer, Kimberley Geswein, and not only vary considerably in size but also have no common baseline. With their quirky but very dynamic appearance, they are almost like something created by a child.

KG Drops of Jupiter (Kimberley Geswein Fonts)

The near monolinear calligraphic script KG Drops of Jupiter by Kimberly Geswein consists of individually conceived letters. Their upright form is evocative of a likeable and orderly nature.

KG Wake Me Up (Kimberley Geswein Fonts)

The monospaced font KG Wake Me Up by Kimberley Geswein plays on the concept of the keys of a typewriter. 

Bessington (WeAreColt)

The glyphs of Adam Greasleys uppercase font Bessington were written using a viscid black ink on coarse and very absorbent paper and thus appear ragged and a little unkempt, but they still retain a certain charm. In addition to a style consisting of parallel lines, the letters are also available in a version called Black, in which the gaps between the lines have been filled in.

Dulce Pro (Latinotype)

Monolinear, very delicate letters with lines that terminate in a tear drop characterise Dulce Pro by Paula Nazal Selaive. The very playful and ornamental glyphs are also available as swash letters, with differing terminals and in a wide range of other alternatives. The font boasts a total of 733 different glyphs.

Santis (Latinotype)

Santis by Enrique Hernandez is derived from the Didot typeface. Because of the numerous swash alternatives with their very fine and sweeping flourishes, this font is particularly suitable for creating logos and brand names.

Mr Cyrk (Hipopotam Studio)

This hand-drawn typeface consists of a number of different layers. When used in combination, they fill the letters with a pattern made up of tiny triangles.

Beaurencourt FY (Beaurencourt FY)

Inspired by a 19th century calligraphic script, Beaurencourt FY by Gia Tran and Jérémie Hornus has a sympathetic, personal appearance. Its numerous ornamental elements, such as different strokes and pictograms, will benefit your designs.

Qubo (Hoftype)

The extensive sans serif Qubo by Dieter Hofrichter has 14 different styles and can readily be used in print and online contexts. Interesting details that revisit Humanist design concepts give the letters a quite specific appeal.

Festival Script (Sudtipos)

The marked bilinear contrast and generous swash ornamentation provide Festival Script by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul with a hint of luxury. Thanks to its many variant glyphs, this extravagant font offers the designer a wide scope for experimentation.

Lean-O (Fontyou)

The most prominent hallmarks of the original slab serif Lean-O by Jérémie Hornus, Luis Gomes, Alisa Nowak and Benjamin Lieb are the asymmetrical serifs connected to the stems by slight curves. This unconventional but distinctive typeface can be used as a display font and to set text.

Despeinada (EdyType)

Irregularly sized letters and a pronounced contrast in stroke weight make Ricardo Rousselots brush font Despeinada come alive. This font seems to combine both the rough and the smooth at one and the same time.

Magallanes (Latinotype)

Sinuous line terminals evocative of a calligraphic, Humanist-style script give Magallanes by Daniel Hernández a dynamic quality. Well supported by eight weights, each with corresponding italic, and numerous alternative glyphs, this font provides the designer with a wealth of material.

Mina (Resistenza)

Very thin lines and extended links between the individual letters are the main attributes of the calligraphic font Mina by Giuseppe Salerno. Inspired by the styles of the 1950s, the typeface is well served by different styles and weights in a total of 11 variants.

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