New font releases in December 2013

New releases: Ornamental swash fonts and well-constructed families for text setting

Come with us on a short journey through recent noteworthy new releases. Come across unusual ornamental swash fonts, exciting headline fonts and well constructed font families for text setting.

Equip (Hoftype)

The open, generous character of the structured Equip sans serif from Dieter Hofrichter is most impressive. It creates a neutral atmosphere, which seems almost to be lacking emotion. Equip is available in eight well differentiated stroke weights, each with its matching italic. Various sets of figures and a few ligatures round off the selection of characters. The Equip Condensed offers a somewhat more condensed, space-saving version of the font. Thanks to its good selection of characters, Equip is ideal for large, ambitious projects.

Bruum (Fontyou)

The Bruum, which reminds us of a square sans, combines angular and rounded line joints. This gives it a robust and slightly technical character, which, since it is easy to read, is also to its advantage in text sizes and captions.

Corisande (Identikal)

Its very reduced forms give the structured Corisande sans serif a technical, somewhat futuristic character. The tone is set by a few particular letter forms, such as the common “a”, round points and some slightly curved line caps.

Parfum (RMU Typedesign)

Inspired by a model from the 1930s and designed by Ralph M. Unger, Parfum’s extreme ascender and its very great contrast in stroke weights give it a classic, but not exaggeratedly playful look and feel.

Margaux (Scholtz Fonts)

Generous, very ornamental letters give the extravagant Margaux swash font from Anton Scholtz a quite special character. Based on French fonts from the early 20th century, Margaux is reminiscent of Paris in its hey-day: culture, romance and sophistication.

Vividangelo Script (Wiescher Design)

Large, curved crossbars characterise the Vividangelo Script from Gert Wiescher. The font was inspired by hand-painted price labels in a small shop.

Maryleen (Fontyou)

The letters in Maryleen look like a symbiosis of Didone, cursive and sans serif. This font will give your designs an elegant, almost romantic flair.

Copperlove (Resistenza)

The English cursive Copperlove from Giuseppe Salerno was created using quill pen and ink during a long, cold winter in Berlin. Very large, sweeping curves give it elegance, ligatures and alternative letters make it a versatile, varied typeface.

Ambriel (Type Innovations)

With its numerous, playful ornaments Ambriel from Alex Kaczun evokes the richly ornate Victorian era.

Transition (CyberGraphics)

In Transition Jan Erasmus combines rounded and slanted line caps. For this reason, this sans serif retains an interesting, excitement-filled character especially in large font sizes.

Kroppen Round (Talbot Type)

The unbroken lines of the strongly geometric, monolinear Kroppen Round font from Adrian Talbot remind us of a stencil, but contain letters without interruption such as the “o”. If anything, the font tends to construct letters from the fewest possible continuous strokes. Kroppen Round is available in four stroke weights.

Ella (Fontyou)

Numerous, large-scale embellishments and artistically designed letter alternatives turn the monolinear Ella from Jason Vandenberg and Gia Tran into an explosion of ornamental fireworks. These dynamic, floral letters will breathe life into your designs.

Lasta (Tour de Force Font Foundry)

The long ascenders are one of the central design elements of the Lasta from Dusan Jelesijevic. In addition, the dynamic shapes of the letters distantly recall handwriting.

Publio (Tour de Force Font Foundry)

Triangular semi serifs determine the character of the unusual Publio from Dusan Jelesijevic. The great contrast in the stroke weights give its very rounded forms a dynamic, but also slightly historical character.

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