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Distribute your fonts through your own foundry

Monotype has an historic tradition of creating and distributing typefaces that have made a significant impact on how the world communicates. This tradition continues today, with a renewed commitment to our partners – type designers and font foundries – to help increase your revenues by tapping our global network of websites and direct sales channels.

For more information about how to sell your fonts, please visit our Foundry Help Center here:

Why distribute through Monotype?

Global reach
Over 40 million visits from over 200 countries annually to our leading websites:, and

Direct Sales
We have offices in Germany, UK, the USA, and Asia with a talented team of font licensing professionals. Our enterprise sales team has long standing relationships and works directly with ad agencies, design firms, publishers, printers, educational institutions and corporations.

Complete font licensing options
We offer customers one-stop shopping for practically any font licensing need. This maximizes your revenue opportunities and protects your font software intellectual property. One of Monotype’s specialties is navigating the complicated and challenging process of licensing fonts to software developers, hardware manufacturers and corporate IT departments. This will allow your fonts to be licensed to designers of e-books, Blu-ray titles, video games, application software and countless other products with the assurance that we will maximize the value of your fonts.

Variable license models and subscription service for web fonts
The new Web fonts market is an opportunity to reach new customers: Web developers. On and we allow type designers to choose the model and Web font licensing that meets their needs. On we have established a business model based on subscriptions, which will generate an on-going royalty stream.
We have built a proprietary process to create hinted TrueType fonts that are optimized for Windows users, and generate the necessary Web font formats. We can use your TTF or OTF files as input. All our Web fonts are reviewed by our typographic engineers to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Single contact, multiple points of distribution
We have a simple font submission process to make your life easy. Supply us with your products once, and we will publish them to each of our websites. We have a team dedicated to supporting our type designer and font foundry partners.

Advertising and Promotion
We regularly promote new releases and font specials to our loyal base of newsletter subscribers for each of our websites.
We work with each new foundry to promote your products in our newsletters. We have affliate relationships with thousands of websites to support your products and drive traffic to our site – all of which comes at no cost to you.

We use the US Dollar as our base currency, and allow users to see a local currency (royalties are calculated in dollars). Our and sites allow users to select from German and English languages, and have also added Japanese localization to