Arlette Boutros - Font Designer of Lubok

Font Designer – Arlette Boutros

Born in Ghazir, Lebanon, Arlette Boutros is a distinguished typographer, interior designer and writer whose other talents include teaching and a passion for Lebanese cuisine. She has lived in the UK since 1976.

Arlette graduated in interior design in Lebanon in 1974 before training as a typographer and graphic designer. Specialising in elegant, intricate and ornate calligraphic designs, she has also created a number of original Arabic typefaces, borders and patterns, many of which have been successfully marketed internationally.

Arlette began cooking Lebanese food at an early age in Lebanon and learned her basic skills from her mother. Since then she has always enjoyed making healthy and appetising meals for family and friends. Arlette has introduced her natural creativity into her cooking, producing dishes based upon traditional Lebanese recipes, but with new ingredients or tastes. The essential message that Arlette seeks to convey is that excellent, fresh and healthy food can be prepared by anyone and enjoyed by everyone. Arlette has demonstrated her culinary skills on both British and Lebanese television and has conducted a number of Master Classes in Lebanese cuisine in London. Her highly acclaimed book Enjoy is a masterpiece of simplicity, novelty and variety. The recipes are unpretentious yet deliciously healthy, concentrating on the true quality of food and the best ways of bringing out its natural flavour.
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