Mourad Boutros - Font Designer of Lubok

Font Designer – Mourad Boutros

Mourad Boutros is acknowledged as one of the world’s most outstanding Arabic calligraphers, designers and typographers. He is the author of the acclaimed books Arabic for Designers and Talking About Arabic. His recent projects include the launch of ‘Tanseek’, the first and only harmonious range of Arabic-Latin typefaces and a collaborative series of oil paintings that combine fine art with traditional Arabic calligraphy.

Mourad and Arlette Boutros are the founders of Boutros International, which has led the field of Arabic creativity, typography, calligraphy and design for more than 40 years. Working globally, projects have ranged from the creation of Arabic typeface collections for internationally renowned software and design houses to corporate Arabic logotypes, private commissions, consultancy and lectures.
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