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The letters of the structured sans serif Controller are oriented towards the rectangular form of the superelipse. The very broad flowing letters are thus constructed from horizontal and vertical lines, which are joined by curves. These curved, but also slightly rounded, line caps remove a certain austerity from Controller, which is reminiscent of a stencil font. Whereas the lighter font styles are practically monolinear, with no appreciable contrast, some of the bolder font styles show a clear reduction in stroke width. Although the shapes of the letters in Controller are reduced to the extreme, as can easily be seen for example in the majuscule “Q”, the common “i”, “j” and “l” carry a curved foot and this gives the font a certain vitality. The majuscule “N” takes on a special role, for which as well as the very reduced arcuate shape there is an alternative with diagonal bars.
With the five different stoke widths, each with Italic, Controller covers a huge range of applications. Its curves give Controller a technological, futuristic effect and its own special vitality, which determines its concise character.

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