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New font releases in September 2013

Distinctive headline fonts and other interesting new publications

Important projects require special typefaces. From the many recently published new fonts, we have again selected what we consider to be the particular highlights. Read on to discover some unusual headline fonts, fantastic calligraphic fonts and appealing text fonts.

Carte Blanche (Hanoded)

The outlines of the comic font Carte Blanche by David Kerkhoff are filled with numerous fine, hand-drawn lines. With its highly detailed structures, this font is most comfortable in the larger point sizes.

Courant (Hanoded)

David Kerkhoff’s blackletter font Courant is derived from a 17th century Dutch newspaper font. Rounded corners are used to simulate the imperfect printing effect characteristic of such texts of this date.

Grafiker (Hanoded)

Hand-drawn outlines that have not been completely filled are the most distinctive feature of Grafiker von David Kerkhoff. This unique font was inspired by the work of Oskar Kokoschka and Jean Carlu.

Himmelblau (Hanoded)

The organic, flowing and readily legible letters of David Kerkhoff’s Jugendstil font Himmelblau are based on the design of a poster of 1902 created by the ‘Künstlerbund Hagen’ group of Austrian artists.

Kokomo (Hanoded)

A lack of internal definition determines the appearance of David Kerkhoff’s hand-drawn Kokomo. Its unusual 3D letters are, for example, ideal for use on posters and in web advertisements.

Moonlight Shadow (Hanoded)

The calligraphic Moonlight Shadow by David Kerkhoff may seem bizarre at first glance, but it is surprisingly versatile. Although its lines are irregular and almost chaotic, Moonlight Shadow does emanate a certain elegance.

Barracuda Script (Fenotype)

The brush font Barracuda Script by Emil Karl Bertell is a family of three weights. There are at least four alternative glyphs for each character, making it possible to create individually customized lines of text. It also comes with a range of ornaments.

Bonbon (Fenotype)

Generous curves determine the highly vibrant nature of Bonbon by Emil Karl Bertell. The numerous glyph variants of this extensive three weight family ensure that a touch of individuality can be given to any design project.

Nuber (The Northern Block)

The sans serif Nuber by Johnathan Hill is influenced by Swiss typography. Nuber has nine weights, each with corresponding italics. Various sets of numerals and alternative glyphs can be used to modify the appearance of text to meet particular requirements.

Cross Stich
(Gerald Gallo)

Cross Stich simulates in printed form the x-shaped stitch frequently used in embroidery work and offers a wide range of different styles. Design projects can be made more eye-catching by employing the unusual effects of Cross Stitch and Cross Stitch Ornaments by Gerald Gallo.

Nexa Slab (Fontfabric Type Foundry)

The slab serif Nexa Slab by Svetoslav Simov draws on the tradition of such outstanding fonts such as Lubalin and Rockwell. Each of the eight weights is supplemented by two variants, Oblique (with inclined letters) and Italic (a genuine cursive).

Heraldica Script (Sudtipos)

Ornamented calligraphic fonts are a speciality of Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul. In the case of Heraldica Script, the fashionable interplay of thick and thin characterises the deluxe-like characters.

Piel Script (Sudtipos)

Piel Script was designed in response to repeated requests for a typeface suitable for tattoos. This elegant and stylish calligraphic font by Alejandro Paul is not just appropriate for skin art – it looks great in more conventional contexts, such as on a skateboard or book.

AT Move Nath (SODesign)

The sans serif AT Move Nath by André Toet plays with the concept of 3D optical illusions on a flat surface. The letters, constructed from fine lines, create in their own inimitable fashion a remarkable impression of depth.

Duepuntozero (Zetafonts)

The topical letters of the rounded sans serif Duepuntozero by Francesco Canovaro were inspired by 2.0 applications and the font is ideal for creating new logos for use in this environment.

Korpo & Korpo Sans (Borutta)

Korpo by Mateusz Machalski has two perfectly coordinated styles. Both are characterised by relatively low contrast in terms of line thickness and have excellent legibility thanks to their high x-height. Korpa Sans is (as the name suggests) a sans serif, while Korpa Serif is a slab serif. In larger point sizes, tiny breaks in outlines designed to improve legibility determine the personality of the font.

Courtney (Latinotype)

Slightly irregular but very vibrant letters are the main attribute of Courtney by Eli Hernández. Diversity is provided for in the shape of the many ligatures.

Pincoya Black (Latinotype)

The many alternative glyphs available provide multiple options for designing logos, titles and short texts using the plump letters of Pincoya Black by Daniel Hernández .

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