Type Gallery – Calligri

The finely cut typeface Calligri is based on the English cursive or copperplate scripts, which were originally cut in copper. The interlocking letters show the strong contrast in the stroke width, typical of the font family and are distinctly inclined in the writing direction. A small drop, which usually sits at the foot of the upstroke, is characteristic of the lively, ornamentally designed uppercase letters. For example, the uppercase letters “C”, “E” and “O” are given quite special, very ornate forms.
Calligri is extremely well developed for a calligraphic font. The font is available in two stroke widths with five different trackings. All the fonts have a matching Italic, in which the letters are even more strongly inclined.
Calligri tries to preserve the aesthetics of the art of analogue writing even in the digital world. The well developed, flexible and versatile font gives a good account of itself, wherever a classic character is sought. Use Calligri, for instance, on greetings and invitation cards.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Calligri as a PDF.

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